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It's Like Free Falling by frozensify
[Reichenbach] Lovely editing.

Give Up On Your Pride by BlacksGodDaughter
Sherlock character study.

Soldier On by BakerStConsultants
Long (+6mins) charactive study vid, quite interesting to watch. Characters include Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Moriarty, Molly, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Irene and Henry Knight.

We Will All Fall by elisssaelisssa
[Reichenbach] Oh, I love this. It's short, simple and poignant. Audio is a speech from Friday Night Lights.

Fresh Blood by TheJAMFactor
[Crossover, AU, Sherlock/Molly] Evil!Sherlock AU in which Sherlock is a serial killer obsessed with Molly. It's also a Whitechapel crossover.

The Bad Trip by KsenosTheos
[Vampire!AU] Ok, this vid is super weird but also very interesting. I'm not sure what exactly is happening in it, but you should watch it.

A Study In Stone by jafrank88
[Crossover] Very good DW crossover in which Sally Sparrow goes to Sherlock with a strange case of creepy moving statues.

They could destroy me ... They should enjoy me by xXNoWayToLoveProd
[crossover] Grimm crossover that makes me want to read supernatural AUs.

If The Right One Came Along by 00ArwenUndomiel00
Cute Mike Stamford tribute.

Doctor Who
Objects and Cosmonauts by jafrank88
[AU] The Doctor's Wife AU in which River Tams is the TARDIS.

Teen Wolf
And Still This Heart Will Yearn by Loki
Jackson character study.

Dead.Love.You by The Nerjaveika
Derek/Stiles, NSFW

Seven Devils by flowerxhearts
Pure editing porn, it's so pretty.

Run boy, run! by VideosfromNicolee
Lots of werewolves and running. Pretty to look at.

Change by ButtNJamz323
Nghh, I love this vid so much. It's about the werewolves + Lydia and Jackson and how all that happened on the show affected them.

I Have to Do Something by Julia36229
Stiles character study. All the Stiles feels. All of them.

The Bedroom Hymns by gabygal7
Holmes/Watson and great editing.

I Will Rise Again by Rumrouz
[AU] In which Uther finds our about Merlin's magic.
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1. I went to a couple of shows at the Festival d'été de Québec and had a (mostly) fantastic time. The highlight of the festival, to me, was Patrick Watson's show which was absolutely brilliant.

2. The new job is going well. The mall I work at is situated in front of a huge psychiatric hospital, which makes for interesting customers.

3. I am now watching Teen Wolf. My feelings on this can be found here.
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Biological Imperatives by VictoryCandescence
[John & Sherlock] Summary: Two men in a baby shop. Philosophy and speculation ensue.
“Get this one,” he says, and thrusts a romper at John’s face over the rack. It’s a pale pink, with flowers printed up the legs, and a tiny bee embroidered on the front, a little dotted line looping around it showing its flight pattern. It’s achingly cute, John has to admit. [John and Sherlock go shopping for a gift to give to an expecting friend and fluff ensues. This fic is adorable and is on my list of things to read when I'm down.]

Imagines Moti Series by SwissMiss
[John/Sherlock, Reichenbach/Post-Reichenbach, magical realism] You didn't get one for everything that happened in your life. That would have been a bit ridiculous, if your skin reacted every time you sneezed or ate an egg or got a paper cut. Only things that had a strong emotional impact, positive or negative, ended up imprinted on your skin, a permanent reminder for you and the world of how your sojourn through this earthly existence had marked you.

And now, for the shipping forecast by raven
[John, Post-Reichenbach] After Sherlock's death, John thinks (too much), drinks (not enough) and, on a tide of sisters' ex-wives, cheese and kindness, sails on.

The Ties That Bleed by luchia13
[John/Sherlock, Post-Reichenbach, Magical realism] Summary: John Watson has been bonded by blood to Sherlock Holmes. Until the day Sherlock dies, they will be tied together. Until the day Sherlock dies, John can't.
“Oh, sometimes you just think about shooting yourself in the head,” Mrs. Holmes says enthusiastically. “I know right after my husband died I kept thinking about doing it. You can always still feel them. For God’s sake, I buried him with my own two hands – not a lick of help with grave digging, my boys – and I keep wondering when I’ll stop feeling his heartbeat.”

John isn’t quite sure why it’s so reassuring to hear a sixty-year-old woman who is the equivalent of his mother-in-law pleasantly shout out her suicidal tendencies, but it is. “God, it’s never going to go away?”

Mrs. Holmes puts a hand on his shoulder. “Do you honestly want it to?”
[I wish there was more of this fic, it is super good and I love the world the author built.]

Alternate Endings by Cathedral Carver
[John/Sherlock, character death] John decides Ella may have a point after all, and since he doesn’t particularly like the ending to his and Sherlock’s latest story, he decides to change it, on paper at least. Well, not on paper, really. Just, in writing. The beauty of the written word, he’s discovered over the years, is that when he’s writing, he’s in bloody charge. He can write whatever the fuck he wants and fuck anyone who dares argue with him, even—

Well, anyway.

He takes a deep breath and begins altering his world.
[Sad but gorgeous. I made a cover for it which can be seen here.]

Strangers by Paisley Pie
[John/Sherlock, AU] "The average human being is subject to a thousand different bothersome weaknesses every moment of every day, with hunger, thirst, fatigue and lust being the most prevalent. But would it be possible for one to create a human being sans the trivialities? All the strengths of man, and none of the weaknesses?"

In 2110, Sherlock Holmes builds a machine.
[In which Sherlock builds an android named John Watson]

There Will Be Time by AkitaFallow
[John/Sherlock, Retirement] There's an old couple in the cottage down the road a ways. The boys of the village love to sneak a visit, when they can--old Dr. Watson is always good for a cup of tea or a spot of mischief, and tells the most fantastic stories. And Mr. Holmes might be a cranky old bugger, but he's a cranky old bugger who blows things up.

And there's always the honey.
[Told from the POV of a boy who becomes friends with John and Sherlock, it is a lovely story.]

Lady Macbeth by [ profile] sariagray
[John/Sherlock, Post-Reichenbach]
11. Earth

He’ll work his way through the Ukraine, and Russia, and then down through China until his feet run out of land and his hands run out of blood to spill and his predator-mind runs out of prey to hunt, and he can sink into the ocean like a very tired stone and let the salt and the water scrub him clean of it all, let it wrinkle him grotesque.

12. End

And then he will wash up on the sun-baked shores of California, blank and new.
[I love the way the author chose to write this fic. Also, I have a soft spot for post-Reichenbach fics from Sherlock's POV. I also did some art for this fic, which you can find here.]

Equivalent Exchange by thedeadparrot
[Sherlock/John, FMA AU] Summary: John comes back from the war broken in more ways than one. [The AU I didn't know I wanted.]
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What Might We Deduce About His Heart by EditedByRents
[Post-Reichenbach] Sherlock character study with a side of grieving John. Lovely editing and an interesting Sherlock/London element. (Music: The Cottage on the Beach by Dario Marianelli (Atonement OST))

Off I Go by caminolte
Great Sherlock character study, I especially love the progression of the vid and all the different facets of Sherlock's personality. (Music: Off I Go by Greg Laswell)

A Magic Trick by NolaEspoir
[Reichenbach/Post-Reichenbach] Long (6 minutes) but interesting vid explaining how Sherlock was able to fool John with his death using the drug from Baskervilles. Well executed.(Music: Song For Bob by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford OST))

I Was Looking For A Breath of Life by Ideducedit
[Reichenbach] Great video about how John needed Sherlock in his life to make it interesting. (Music: Breath of Life by Florence + The Machine)

Animus Vox by caminolte
Glorious editing porn. (Music: Animus Vox by The Glitch Mob)

Moriarty - One Wish by Vatufe
Very nice Moriarty vid. I think the reason I like it so much is that the audio part is made from quotes and music from the show so it gives the vid a more, I don't know, intimate feel?

The Fall by dodo00228
[James Bond crossover] Ok, I have to admit that I'm not really sure of what's happening in this video but I still really like it. The crossover scenes are well done and I love all the bits with Lestrade.

The Reichenbach Anthem by Moriarteaanyone
[Reichenbach] Fast editing and a nice change from all the slow Reichenbach vids.(Music: Hero by Skillet)

Medicine by CrazyBoutBillie
[Post-Reichenbach] Lovely vid about John grieving and Sherlock returning. I love the mood the song creates as well as the scene between John and Molly, a relationship that doesn't feature much in fanvids (or on the show, really). (Music: Medicine by Daughter)

Outsider by duchesscloverly
[Mycroft/Lestrade] I'm not really into Mystrade (except for Pru's girl!Lestrade fic, which I adore) but I do enjoy the occasional fanart/vid about them. I thought this was very well done as well as being quite sad. I also enjoyed Those Things You Do by the same vidder, who you should check out for more Mystrade vids. (Music: Outsider by Will Young)

Mission Impossible by Radculas
The vidder says it's a trailer mashup but there's no dialogue from the M:I trailer so it might just be the music? I'm not sure. Anyway, the important bit is that it's a Mission Impossible AU (kind of) and it's a great action vid. I tought the scene where Mycroft explains the case was very well edited.

Vid recs

Jun. 13th, 2012 05:31 pm
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I am currently working on another rec post but I thought these two vids deserved their own post. Yes, they are that good.

I meant to insta-rec the first when I watched it in april, I don't know what happened. Anyway, it's called (22)1BR/1BA and it was made by [ profile] purplefringe. It's a post-Reichenbach vid about how John copes with Sherlock's death. It is amazing and it might possibly be my all time favourite vid about John Watson. There are no words to describe how much I love it but I still managed to leave a comment to the vidder that captures part of why I love the vid: "I like the tone of the vid, how it shows a John who is lost and sad and lonely, who doesn't really know what to do but is trying to figure it out." Check it out, take a moment to contain your feelings, and let the vidder know how brilliant their vid is.

Before presenting the other one, let me tell you about my Sherlock dream vids of which there are three. I want a post-Reichenbach vid about Sherlock bringing down Moriarty's web, a vid about Mycroft being all mysterious and powerful, something stylish with international intrigues and finally, a vid about the relationship between Sherlock and Mycroft.

The next rec is exactly what I wanted dream vid #3 to be. It is called Corner of Your Heart and it is by a new vidder called forexitsigns. It is absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking and gives me all of the Holmes brothers feels. It even has young!Sherlock&Mycroft! Watch it, shower the vidder with praise and then run to their other Holmes bros vid, Time Spent. Once you feel like your heart might burst from all the Holmes feels, leave a comment to tell them what an amazing vidder they are. Seriously, guys, there are three comments in total and two of them are mine. Surely I cannot be the only one who thinks these vids are brilliant.
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For Love, I Disappear
An instrumental fanmix about Sherlock bringing down Moriarty's web after The Fall.

For love I disappear )
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Things That Are Lost (Are All Equal)
An instrumental fanmix about John after The Fall.

Things That Are Lost )
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17 Steps
An instrumental fanmix about solving crimes, running around London and doing experiments.

17 Steps )
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Stealing Honey
An instrumental fanmix about John and Sherlock growing old together.

Stealing Honey )
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For my first entry for the 100 things challenge, I shall talk about the cats I have to live with. They are my roommates', J and R. I'm not a big fan of cats, but I have to admit that they are growing on me, and life at the apartment wouldn't be the same without them.

The cats I have to live with: pictures, bio and stories )
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I've seen this project being mentioned on my flist and thought it might be interesting to try it. I haven't updated much in recent er, years, and I think it would do me good to write more. I can't commit to something too specific because I know I'll get bored quickly, so my theme will be "100 positive things about my life, real and fannish". Basically, it'll be about stuff I like, interesting places I've visited and things I'm obsessed with. Only positive things, no bitching! I've got a fascinating post about the cats I live with that's already half-finished. *g*
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My first year of uni is almost done! I started the semester with 5 classes but had to drop 3 of them because of my anxiety. One of them is over and done, exam and all. I even got my grade and I didn't fail so I can stop worrying about it. The other one was supposed to end the week before last, but because of the student strike we haven't actually gone to class since mid-february and the teacher still hasn't decided what he'll do with the exam. :/

I hope things will work themselves out during the summer because another semester of student strike would suck. A lot.

So now that school is (almost) over, all I need to do is find a job.
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I guess this is going to be a thing now? I don't know, I just have a lot of feelings about Sherlock that I need to share in rec form. I read very few fics last year, so some of the recs are a bit old but I separated them so that you didn't have to go through things you read ages ago.

Fics and vids under the cut! )
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Let me ruin Valentine's Day by posting this heartbreaking Sherlock fanvid.

It's based on Alone On the Water by MadLori, a fic in which Sherlock gets sick and dies. The fic is almost one year old, but I had never heard of it until last week. The few snippets I've read on Tumblr made me tear up so when someone posted the vid I was wary. I waited 24 hours before giving in and watching it.

It made me cry, you guys.

I wasn't going to read the fic because I tend to avoid this type of story (thinking about Yellow Means Slow still makes me sad) but now I know that I can never, ever, read it because it will kill me. (Watch out for the inevitable "OMG I read it and now I want to die" update later this week.)

Anyway, sorry for ruining your day. I'll try to make it up to you later today.


Jan. 10th, 2012 11:37 pm
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I have three invites for Letterboxd so if you're interested, just leave your email in the comments.

From the website: Letterboxd is a social site for sharing your taste in film. Use it as a diary to record your opinion about films as you watch them, or just to keep track of films you’ve seen some time in the past. Rate, review and tag films as you add them. Find and follow your friends, to see what they’re enjoying. Make lists about any aspect of film you like, for example: favorite heist films.

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