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Stealing Honey
An instrumental fanmix about John and Sherlock growing old together.

There is no other field of animal husbandry like beekeeping. It has the appeal to the scientist, the nature lover, and even (or especially) the philosopher. - Anonymous


01. Jalousie [Baguette Quartette]
02. Theme (Eternal Sunshine) [Jon Brion]
03. Goodbye [Jan A.P. Kaczmarek]
04. Double Dutch Queens [Nathan Johnson (with the Cinematic Underground)]
05. Married Life [Michael Giacchino]
06. At the Kinograph Studios [Ludovic Bource]
07. The Debt Collectors [Charlie Mole]
08. Easy Virtue Foxtrot [The Easy Virtue Ochestra]
09. An Enlighted Euphoria [Nathan Johnson (with the Cinematic Underground)]
10 La Cumparsita [Amerimambo]
11. Rebuilding [Danny Elfman]
12. Waltz For Peppy [Ludovic Bource]
13. Where or When [Shepheard's Hotel Jazz Orchestra]
14. The Royal Household [Alexandre Desplat]
15. Sandra's Theme [Danny Elfman]
16. The Vital Importance of Being Earnest [Charlie Mole]
17. Prelude for Time Feelers [Eluvium]
18. This Is Camels [Nathan Johnson (with the Cinematic Underground)]

Download zipped file on MF and putlocker.

On Tumblr

- I have fallen head over heels for this pairing and wanted to make a fluffy mix about them retiring, keeping bees and growing old together.

- In my head, the violin in Jalousie is Sherlock, the accordion is John and the whole track is about Sherlock telling his and John's story to someone. It makes absolute sense in my head.

- This mix was heavily inspired by Married Life from the Up OST, Jalousie by Baguette Quartette and There Will Be Time written AkitaFallow.

- The title was taken from Eddie Izzard's sketch on beekeepers.
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