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Things That Are Lost (Are All Equal)
An instrumental fanmix about John after The Fall.

A child said it, and it seemed true:
“Things that are lost are all equal.”
But it isn’t true. If I lost you,
the air wouldn’t move, nor the tree grow.
Someone would pull the weed, my flower.
The quiet wouldn’t be yours.

- Marvin Bell -

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01. The Boy – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
02. Wandering Jane – Dario Marianelli
03. Cyrius B – Les Fragments de la nuit
04. The Road – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
05. Rita Sue and Jonesy – Jeff Beal
06. Opening Bridge – Asche & Spencer
07. Oil – Jony Greenwood
08. Frost Despondent – Hans Zimmer
09. Trained and Steady (Film Version) – Michael Giacchino
10. Dandy Brain Cannula – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
11. Fear and Suspicion – Alexandre Desplat
12. Deborah Loves Rudy/The House – Daniel Licht
13. Relief – Hungry Ghosts
14. Evgenie's Waltz - Abel Korzeniowksi
15. Angela Undress – Thomas Newman
16. Comme une rosée de larmes – Ludovic Bource
17. Satin Bird – Abel Korzeniowski
18. My Kingdom, My Rules – Alexandre Desplat
19. Four Knocks – Murray Gold


+ The title comes from Marvin Bell's poem To Dorothy.

+ The mix starts right after they wheel Sherlock's body into Barts and ends with Sherlock's return.

+ This mix is about John coping with Sherlock's death. I wanted it to be about loss and grief, but also about surviving these emotions and moving on.

+ The idea for this mix came while I was listening to Oil on repeat and was marveling at how gorgeous the violin bit at 1:20 was, like a sudden burst of light. Suddenly I thought about John walking on a busy sidewalk and spotting Sherlock, the surprise, the joy, the hope it would give him. But of course it's not really Sherlock and the hope dies suddenly and John is angry at himself for hoping and he's angry at Sherlock for doing this to him.

+ When I listen to Comme une rosée de larmes, I picture either John having a glass of wine and thinking of all the good times he had with Sherlock or John having a pint with Lestrade and both of them reminiscing.

+ I spent a long time thinking about only keeping one of the Desplat tracks, since their endings are similar, but I couldn't choose just one and finaly decided to keep them both. I think they frame the lighter part of the mix quite well.
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