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For Love, I Disappear
An instrumental fanmix about Sherlock bringing down Moriarty's web after The Fall.

I do it for love. For love, I disappear.

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01. Clock Tick [Abel Korzeniowski]
02. Opposites Attract [Clint Mansell]
03. William Escapes [Marco Beltrami]
04. Plaster of Paris [Hungry Ghosts]
05. Lago Fr├Čas [Gustavo Santaolalla]
06. Gossip [Jean Michel Jarre]
07. Money [Hans Zimmer]
08. Romani Holiday (Antonius Remix) [Hans Zimmer]
09. Len Sees [Asche & Spencer]
10. Tank Fight [Joseph LoDuca]
11. Eventually We Find Our Way [Atticus Finch & Trent Reznor]
12. Tortured [Alexandre Desplat]
13. Ashes to Ashes [Hans Zimmer]
14. Beirut Taxi [Alexandre Desplat]
15. Martha's Dream [Nick Cave & Warren Ellis]
16. Entre ciel et fer [Les Fragments de la Nuit]
17. The Seconds Drag [Atticus Finch & Trent Reznor]
18. Prelude [Johann Sebastian Bach]
19. Needle in a Haystack [Daniel Licht]
20. The Diamond Dog [Nathan Johnson (with The Cinematic Underground)]
21. Cyclogenese [Les Fragments de la Nuit]
22. The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble [Murray Gold]
Bonus: A Dazzling End [Murray Gold]


+ The title comes from Kim Addonizio's poem For You

+ This is a fanmix about Sherlock travelling the world to destroy what's left of Moriarty's web. I wanted it to be about chasing and getting chased, gathering intel, waiting, getting into fights, and longing to go home.

+ Inspired by I Don't Know What To Ask For by halotolerant, Space by lokiloo, Lady Macbeth by sariagray and The Sensation of Falling As You Hit Sleep by greywash.

+ This fanmix was so much harder to make than I thought it would. I knew exactly what I wanted: action music, quiet suspenseful music and longing violon. I listened to it so many times while working on it that it stopped making sens for a while. Hopefully it will make sens to you.

+ I added A Dazzling End as a bonus because I considered making it the "Sherlock comes home" track before deciding it was too cheesy. It does still make me grin like an idiot when I listen to it and think about Sherlock going home.

+ And that's the last of the 4 Sherlock mixes I started at the same time. The others were Things That Are Lost (John after The Fall), 17 Steps (John & Sherlock solving crimes) and Stealing Honey (John & Sherlock growing old and keeping bees together).

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