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It's Like Free Falling by frozensify
[Reichenbach] Lovely editing.

Give Up On Your Pride by BlacksGodDaughter
Sherlock character study.

Soldier On by BakerStConsultants
Long (+6mins) charactive study vid, quite interesting to watch. Characters include Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Moriarty, Molly, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Irene and Henry Knight.

We Will All Fall by elisssaelisssa
[Reichenbach] Oh, I love this. It's short, simple and poignant. Audio is a speech from Friday Night Lights.

Fresh Blood by TheJAMFactor
[Crossover, AU, Sherlock/Molly] Evil!Sherlock AU in which Sherlock is a serial killer obsessed with Molly. It's also a Whitechapel crossover.

The Bad Trip by KsenosTheos
[Vampire!AU] Ok, this vid is super weird but also very interesting. I'm not sure what exactly is happening in it, but you should watch it.

A Study In Stone by jafrank88
[Crossover] Very good DW crossover in which Sally Sparrow goes to Sherlock with a strange case of creepy moving statues.

They could destroy me ... They should enjoy me by xXNoWayToLoveProd
[crossover] Grimm crossover that makes me want to read supernatural AUs.

If The Right One Came Along by 00ArwenUndomiel00
Cute Mike Stamford tribute.

Doctor Who
Objects and Cosmonauts by jafrank88
[AU] The Doctor's Wife AU in which River Tams is the TARDIS.

Teen Wolf
And Still This Heart Will Yearn by Loki
Jackson character study.

Dead.Love.You by The Nerjaveika
Derek/Stiles, NSFW

Seven Devils by flowerxhearts
Pure editing porn, it's so pretty.

Run boy, run! by VideosfromNicolee
Lots of werewolves and running. Pretty to look at.

Change by ButtNJamz323
Nghh, I love this vid so much. It's about the werewolves + Lydia and Jackson and how all that happened on the show affected them.

I Have to Do Something by Julia36229
Stiles character study. All the Stiles feels. All of them.

The Bedroom Hymns by gabygal7
Holmes/Watson and great editing.

I Will Rise Again by Rumrouz
[AU] In which Uther finds our about Merlin's magic.
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