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I just read a fic that went from "silly but still kinda fun" to "so...this is getting weird" and then to "oh dear god D:D:D:D:D:D:".

Yeah... That's the problem when you want to write a story about a couple from another person's point of view and still want to write porn. That third person has to be there. And while voyeurism can be hot, reading about a dad trapped in a bathroom stall while his son is getting fucked in the stall right next to him, is not. And just so you know, it's even more disturbing if the son knew his dad was there and thanks him for helping him hook up with his new boyfriend right after the act. Ugh. (The thing is, I wouldn't have been surprised by this development if the story had involved Lionel Luthor or some other creepy dad, but Henry Spencer? Traumatized for life.)


I was thinking about fanfics the other day and was wondering how you all started reading slash fics. When you first started reading fics, did you read het, slash or gen fic?

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The first fics I read were het, as well as my first three OTPs (Daria/Trent, Helga/Arnold, Sakura/Syaoran) and then I moved on to slash and didn't look back until recently when I started having het ships again.
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I'm not the kind of person who gets turned off by spelling mistakes in fanfics (unless it's a misspelled name, these things drive me crazy) but it's hard to stay in the mood when someone forgets to put the 'n' at the end of 'skin'.

his fingers sliding along the satiny shoulder strap, just barely touching her ski


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