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English speakers, do you know of a game that consists of answering questions without using 'yes' or 'no'? If so, what's it called?

I was working the night shift last night and we played 'ni oui ni non' to stay awake. We both sucked and it was hilarious.
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Remember this?

She did it again! Long story short, she called to say she had a fight with her boyfriend (again) and couldn't find a babysitter. I spent half and hour on the phone trying to find a replacement. Called her back to say I couldn't find anyone but that I'd find a way to make it work and she could stay home with her daughter.

I went back to my lunch, ate half of my (cold) sandwich and realized I had lost my appetite. I looked at my chocolate danish sadly and spent the rest of my break making more phone calls. I finally found someone who could come in at 5am, leaving me with a 12 hour shift. Yay? But then she called back to say that she found a babysitter and could come to work. I felt relieved for ten seconds. Then I was annoyed that I had to lose 45 minutes on the phone.

So, midnight comes and she's not here. I'm starting to get more and more annoyed. She finally arrives at 12h15. I take my danish and almost run out the door, and slam my elbow on the door frame. I'm clutching my bleeding elbow and thanking the universe for this fantastic night when I notice that there are lightning in the sky.

I start walking faster, the last thing I want is to get electrocuted on my last day of work. About one third of the way, it starts raining. Hard. Water-in-my-eyes-can't-see-very-far hard. Aaaaand there's a thunderstorm. Also, I'm wearing my Crocs because it was hot and sunny when I left home and my feet (and socks) are soaked. Oh, and did I mention that my purse is made of freaking corduroy?

If I had left fifteen minutes earlier, I would have spent a maximum of three minutes in the rain. That's all I could think about while I was walking home in the freaking thunderstorm. That and how much I hated the damn night girl and how I was going to punch her if it started to hail. (Fortunately, it did not.)

And just to add insult to the injury, after I arrived home, changed into dry clothes, emptied my purse, laid my money on the table so it could dry and wrung my purse and hang it to dry, after all that, I remembered my danish, took it out of my work bag

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A girl at work got a new tattoo on her back. It's a big swirly thing with a star in the middle and the word 'Vader' in it. When I asked her if it was for Darth Vader she just looked at me weird and told me it was her boyfriend's nickname, as if it was the most obvious thing ever. Apparently, when someone sees Vader written in a star, they should immediately think it must be someone's nick name, and not some kind of Death Star/Darth Vader related thing.

I wonder how many times she'll have to explain it... Also, as I was telling this story earlier tonight, I learnt that my mom doesn't know who Darth Vader is. That is so wrong. *shakes head*
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- I dreamed about Barak Obama two days in a row. I keep dreaming about him being incompetent. It worries me.

- Arrived at work this morning to find this message on the dry erase board: "We invite you to come to wear a costume to work on Friday.". Next to it, in red caps: "OBLIGATORY!". Yeah...thanks for the invitation.

- Unfortunately, I am working this Friday, which means I have to find a costume. I was going to go as Hortense Caine, girl!Horatio Caine from an alternate universe, but I didn't get the chance to go to Value Village to buy what I needed. I don't know what to dress up as! I'm this close to just draw a black X on my hand and say I've been confirmed as a human by a Judoon.

- Today, I made more than 150 donuts. I know this because I had two orders, for seven and five, dozens. That's a lot of donuts.

- I can't decide between spending Friday night eating candy and watching Halloween themed movies, or eating candies and watching Christmas themed movies. Decisions, decisions...
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House (contains spoilers for Wilson's Heart) )

Doctor Who
Doctor! Donna! I love you both! Want to know a funny thing? I spent season three missing Rose like crazy, but now that am totally in love with Donna, I am almost dreading her comeback. The feeling of dread will probably go away once we get her back and I remember how much I like her too.

The X Files
I am watching season five and all the 'oh no, we do not like each other this way' situations make me a bit uneasy, knowing what will happen next. I do love me some Mulder & Scully, though. Um, also, when is Krycek supposed to get likeable? I know that Mulder/Krycek is a big ship in the xf fandom, but I'm not feeling the love. Not for the ship, nor the character.

Twin Peaks
Is this any good? If so tell me, so I can motivate myself to get over the horrible music and finish the first episode. The pilot was okay, and I quite like Dale Cooper and his love for trees, but other than that, not felling the love.

Flight of the Conchords
Like the show, love the songs.

Benjamin! I kinda love you. Ben and Hurley Show FTW! Also, Locke is the unluckiest, saddest person who ever lived. Man, did he had a crappy life.

This week I :
- was a bit angry and depressed for no good reason.
- wanted to kill people. a lot.
- was attacked by a)bacon juice b)whipped cream c)hot tea.
- finally figured out how to shuffle a playlist on my iPod
- made the ugliest cake I have ever made
- drank my first mojito and loved it
- ate a handful of chocolate covered coffee beans for breakfast and spent half an hour thinking I was gonna have a heart attack
- made waffles for the first time
- bought sunglasses that I am not sure I like
- finished a book
- met three new people at work who did not know I existed. To be fair, the existence of one of them was unknown to me
- decided i really liked the words confiture and d├ębarbouillette.
- wondered if I should buy a sonic screwdriver. (still thinking about it)

Hello new friends! *waves*

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