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Me: That's probaby where they stash the bodies.
Lil sis: Yeah, like in that episode of Supernatural.

Lil sis: OMG! Come here, it looks like that house in Supernatural!

Lil sis: Do you know who that man makes me think of?
Me: No.
Lil sis: The guy that killed people in that episode of Supernatural when Dean is healed.

That's from one afternoon! She watch the first 12 episodes two times already. I don't know if I should be afraid or proud. I may be feeling a mix of the two. :D

And just because, a silly HP animation that makes me laugh more than it should. (there's sound too)
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My dad is eagerly waiting for his torrent of CSI Miami to be complete, and the young sis watched the first half of Supernatural in two days. :D

I kept hoping that the middle sis would be a bit fannish, but I think I have more chance with the young sis. I caught her watching OTH fanvids the other day. *g*

P.S. I cannot stop staring at my new header. He's so pretty...*stares more*
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My birthday is officially over. (I know, I know, it was over Saturday, but I say if you're lucky enough for your birthday to be during the weekend, make it last the whole weekend. *g*)

Friday I spent the day with the stepmom and the sister A. We went to the library first, then we went shopping and after that we went to a café where I had a piece of chocolate and raspberry cake and a cold chai latte. Later, my father came back from work and we went to the restaurant where I ate some really good Texan style chicken and a millefeuille.

Saturday, I had my first BBQ of the year and it was yummy. After that I watched Eragon with my dad and stepmom. Ugh, it was so bad. ANd finally, Today I finished watching Long Way Round (which was awesome) and then went to my mom's to eat steaks.

As for gifts, I got shower gels from sister A (an exfoliant one, and a mando & pomegranate one which smells so good) and a box of dark chocolates (cinnamon, lemon, orange and espresso flavoured) and La Chimie des Desserts from my dad. Sister M gave me the dvd of Les Dieux du Stade. *shakes head* She's crazy! My mom is getting me a cable so I can watch videos from my iPod on the tv. (no more watching tv eps on the computer with the crappy metal chair, yay!)

Fun moments of the week end:

Degustation of Jelly Bellies at Costco
Stepmom: *offers some to sister A*
Sister A: *grabs my arm and whispers* They're Harry Potter's.
Me: *burst out laughing* No they aren't! You won't get vomit flavoured ones, don't worry.

Apparently, I traumatized her when I bought Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans two years ago.

While watching SPN's Bloody Mary
Charlie: And they found her on the bathroom floor. And her—her eyes. They were gone.
Sam: I’m sorry.

Dad: *snorts*
Me: What's funny?
Dad: *repeats the exchange* Most people would have gone 'She had no eyes!? Ewwwww!'
Me: *immediately thinks of Dean's gay version of Sam* *laughs*


Feb. 9th, 2007 10:20 am
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I had a dream... )

Gah! First day at work today. *freaks out*

Happy birthday [ profile] sarahjane12! May your day be as awesome as you. ;D

I watched the three Indiana Jones movies for the first time, yesterday. I think I have a new crush. I don't know if it's truly for Indy, or if it's because I kept comparing him to John Sheppard. Seriously, Flanigan must have watched these a lot, 'cause the resemblance between the two characters are sometimes scary. *draw little hearts around Jones' name*

Still freaking out about the job.

Two conversations I had with my dad.

Dad: Right now, I'm sure you're thinking "says somthing I can't remember"
Me: *is exactly thinking what dad said* *clutches head* OMG! You're in my head.
Dad: Yep, and it's a scary place.

Me: *in pajamas covered with dog's hair*
Dad: Look at you! All that hair, it's horrifying.
Me: It's not that bad.
Dad: Not that bad? You look like a werewolfe with its hair sticking out of its clothes.
Me: *dies*

I went to a job "meeting" before Christmas, and they said to not bring anything valuable, because the store isn't responsible if you loose it, or if someone steels it, so I don't want to bring my purse. Since my only pair of black pants doesn't have pockets, I'll be walking around all day with 40 bucks and a grocery list in my bra. And you know what? I think that's what will get me through the day, because I think it's hillarious and I giggle everytime I think about it. I have a grocery list in my bra! LOL! Next thing I know, I'll be like "Where are my keys?" *touches boobs* Random person: ZOMG!

ETA: If I had bigger boobs, I'd try to hide my iPod too. XD
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Third Christmas shopping day, DONE! There's still one gift to buy, but I'm letting my sister buy it, I'm not going shopping ever again. Not before Christmas, anyway.

I bought myself an early Christmas gift, today. I bought The Pagemaster DVD! My sister and I used to love that movie when we were kids. Hee.

Wanna know where I'll be celebrating the new year? Click. )

And finally, [ profile] in_the_bottle, I got your card today, and I must ask: Genie, how are you so awesome? :D Thank you!!
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My cousins:
Corine --> 2-3 years old
Hugo --> 19
Corine's brother & sister --> 4-6

Corine: Downstairs?
Hugo: No.
Corine: Want to go downstairs.
Hugo: You can't. There are wolves downstairs.
Corine: Wolf?
Hugo: Yes, and if you go downstairs, they're gonna eat you.
Corine: *stares*
Corine's brother and sister: *go downstairs*
Corine: *yelling* NOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't. They're are wolves! WOLVES!
Me, my sister, Hugo and his sister: *ROFL*

Later, Corine's mom was heard saying something about wolves and Hugo telling stories. *g*

Poor innocent creature. *pets*


Dec. 27th, 2005 12:55 am
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Am a little drunk right now. Yay! I only drank one beer, but I almost never drink, so I am feeling that beer.

I thought I should make a Christmas update. On the 24th, the Christmas spirit had deserted me. I didn't feel like celebrating, until I saw this cute clexmas vid by [ profile] voldything. And then, the christmas spirit penetrated (hihi) my body entirely when I saw this awesome Chlexy vid by BeckyD. It's the sweetest thing I've seen in a while. I've showed both to my stepmom and she said that Clark and Lex really looked like they were in love. ^_^ Then I went to my uncle's house where I ate sandwiches and the best Christmas log EVER (so much icing!), and I danced and played sudoku with my aunt.

On December 25th I went to my stepmom's mom's house, for like, 10 minutes. We had to go to my grand-parent's house after. So we went and we ate and my aunt had brought glowstick so we played with them for a while. I saw a video of my grandparents' wedding adnd some videos of my uncles when they were young. I saw my dad kissing his old girlfriend. Sooooooooooooo weird. The evening was nice, but it was kinda ruined by my sister's boyfriend and my grandpa's homophobic discussion. Grrrr. And when we came home, we had to clean the dogs' cage (which was full of piss, shit and vomit) and spent a good hour cleaning after Maggy who kept vomiting everywhere. She's fine now.

Today, we organized the house to receive the family for supper. It was Lena's turn to get sick. She's fine now, too. We ate chinese fondue and my sister had made her oreo dessert, which is simply delicious. We watched my four year old cousin dance on a table, my sister put purple into my cousin's hair, my grandma drank wine (she's so funny when she drinks) adn, well, lots of other people drank. Then I went downstairs with my sister and cousins from BC. Their French is better when they're drunk. ;P We had soooooo much fun! I feel like I'm just getting to know them, and they're leaving Wednesday. :( They're so funny, and I just loooooove their accent. Hmmm, I feel like I wanted to say something more, but I don't remember. Also, I have to pee. SO I'll leave you with two scenes that happened these past few days.

8 y-o cousin: *is playing Playstation* Look at my car Joanie.
Me: Nice. Can you hit people with your car?
8 Y-o cousin: I don't know.
4 y-o cousin: Yes! Yes! Lets hit people.
Me: I <3 you!

Me: *is at the computer*
Me: *hears bangs in the stairs*
Me: *hears someone cackling*
Me: *sees 4yo cousin puting a trestle at the bottom of the stairs*
4 y-o cousin: Mwuahahahaha! No one will be able to come downstairs now!
Me: *g*

Babye! everyone Bonne nuit! Je vous aimes!
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1- Please, don't ask me to help you paint your house, because I hate it and I won't be able to say no.
2- Brad Pitt is wonderful in 12 Monkeys
3- Family from British Columbia is arriving tonight!!!! Yay!
4- Waking up with a dog on your head is...a strange experience.
5- You know the paint is affecting your family when
a) you spend four days singing Purple Rain
b) your hear your dad talking in English ("Yessir! Yessir! Do you need help? Noooooooo. No.")
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1- Played Scrabble with sister
2- Painted cinema room and basement
3- Painted diner room
4- Mistook Charlie Brown's theme song for NIN' Closer.
5- Spent a day without eating chocolate.
6- Ate a delicious dessert my sister made with Oreo cookies. (had to wait 'til midnight since she made it the day I couldn't eat chocolate. My sister is teh ev0l!)
7- Had the following conversation with my stepmom while watching 'Marie de Nazareth':
Me: Whoa. Jesus has become sexy.
TV: *shows John the Batist*
Me: OMG! Look at him! He's hotter than Jesus AND he's wearig a skirt. A skirt! *drools*
TV: *shows Jesus and John holding hand and walking to the lake*
Me and stepmom: Awwwwwww!
Stepmom: They look so happy.
TV: *John puts some water on Jesus head*
Me: Wha...?
Stepmom: That's what they call a baptism?
Me: Aren't they supposed to get naked in the water or something?
Stepmom: Wasn't is the tradition?
Me and Stepmom: *looks at tv hopefully*
Dad: O.o
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Me: Do you want to share a dessert with me?
Sister: Sure, but we take the oreo cake.
Me: I don't know, I think the cookie on top will be soft. I don't want it if it's soft.
Sister: Alright, I'll ask the waiter.
Waiter: Anyone wants coffee or dessert?
Siste: I have a question. On the oreo cake, is the cookie hard or soft.
Waiter: Excuse me?
Me: *giggles*
Sister: The cookie on top of the cake, it it hard or soft.
Waiter: Er, it's soft. You like it hard?
Sister: O.O
Waiter: Wow, is it hot in here or what. *fans himself*
Sister: We'll take the triple chocolate one, then.
Waiter: Alright. *points to picture of cake on table* Don't worry, the piece of chocolate on top is hard.
Sister: ^^;;;
Me: *Tries to breathe*
Waiter: *turns to me and puts hand on my shoulder* Are you sure you don't want to ask a question too.
Me: Um, yes, I'm sure.
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Me: *eats breakfast*
Dad: *eats breakfast*
Dad: You know what? We won't say pooh anymore, we'll say mine.
Me: Why?
Dad: Because walking on a mine is not fun.
Me: Oooooooookay...
Dad: So instead of saying 'I'll go pick up the dogs' pooh in the yard', we'll say 'I'll go clean the mine field'.
Me: That's great dad. *wonders what brought up that discussion*

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