Jul. 20th, 2012

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Biological Imperatives by VictoryCandescence
[John & Sherlock] Summary: Two men in a baby shop. Philosophy and speculation ensue.
“Get this one,” he says, and thrusts a romper at John’s face over the rack. It’s a pale pink, with flowers printed up the legs, and a tiny bee embroidered on the front, a little dotted line looping around it showing its flight pattern. It’s achingly cute, John has to admit. [John and Sherlock go shopping for a gift to give to an expecting friend and fluff ensues. This fic is adorable and is on my list of things to read when I'm down.]

Imagines Moti Series by SwissMiss
[John/Sherlock, Reichenbach/Post-Reichenbach, magical realism] You didn't get one for everything that happened in your life. That would have been a bit ridiculous, if your skin reacted every time you sneezed or ate an egg or got a paper cut. Only things that had a strong emotional impact, positive or negative, ended up imprinted on your skin, a permanent reminder for you and the world of how your sojourn through this earthly existence had marked you.

And now, for the shipping forecast by raven
[John, Post-Reichenbach] After Sherlock's death, John thinks (too much), drinks (not enough) and, on a tide of sisters' ex-wives, cheese and kindness, sails on.

The Ties That Bleed by luchia13
[John/Sherlock, Post-Reichenbach, Magical realism] Summary: John Watson has been bonded by blood to Sherlock Holmes. Until the day Sherlock dies, they will be tied together. Until the day Sherlock dies, John can't.
“Oh, sometimes you just think about shooting yourself in the head,” Mrs. Holmes says enthusiastically. “I know right after my husband died I kept thinking about doing it. You can always still feel them. For God’s sake, I buried him with my own two hands – not a lick of help with grave digging, my boys – and I keep wondering when I’ll stop feeling his heartbeat.”

John isn’t quite sure why it’s so reassuring to hear a sixty-year-old woman who is the equivalent of his mother-in-law pleasantly shout out her suicidal tendencies, but it is. “God, it’s never going to go away?”

Mrs. Holmes puts a hand on his shoulder. “Do you honestly want it to?”
[I wish there was more of this fic, it is super good and I love the world the author built.]

Alternate Endings by Cathedral Carver
[John/Sherlock, character death] John decides Ella may have a point after all, and since he doesn’t particularly like the ending to his and Sherlock’s latest story, he decides to change it, on paper at least. Well, not on paper, really. Just, in writing. The beauty of the written word, he’s discovered over the years, is that when he’s writing, he’s in bloody charge. He can write whatever the fuck he wants and fuck anyone who dares argue with him, even—

Well, anyway.

He takes a deep breath and begins altering his world.
[Sad but gorgeous. I made a cover for it which can be seen here.]

Strangers by Paisley Pie
[John/Sherlock, AU] "The average human being is subject to a thousand different bothersome weaknesses every moment of every day, with hunger, thirst, fatigue and lust being the most prevalent. But would it be possible for one to create a human being sans the trivialities? All the strengths of man, and none of the weaknesses?"

In 2110, Sherlock Holmes builds a machine.
[In which Sherlock builds an android named John Watson]

There Will Be Time by AkitaFallow
[John/Sherlock, Retirement] There's an old couple in the cottage down the road a ways. The boys of the village love to sneak a visit, when they can--old Dr. Watson is always good for a cup of tea or a spot of mischief, and tells the most fantastic stories. And Mr. Holmes might be a cranky old bugger, but he's a cranky old bugger who blows things up.

And there's always the honey.
[Told from the POV of a boy who becomes friends with John and Sherlock, it is a lovely story.]

Lady Macbeth by [livejournal.com profile] sariagray
[John/Sherlock, Post-Reichenbach]
11. Earth

He’ll work his way through the Ukraine, and Russia, and then down through China until his feet run out of land and his hands run out of blood to spill and his predator-mind runs out of prey to hunt, and he can sink into the ocean like a very tired stone and let the salt and the water scrub him clean of it all, let it wrinkle him grotesque.

12. End

And then he will wash up on the sun-baked shores of California, blank and new.
[I love the way the author chose to write this fic. Also, I have a soft spot for post-Reichenbach fics from Sherlock's POV. I also did some art for this fic, which you can find here.]

Equivalent Exchange by thedeadparrot
[Sherlock/John, FMA AU] Summary: John comes back from the war broken in more ways than one. [The AU I didn't know I wanted.]

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