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Aftermath by Nolaespoir
[John] Vid about John leaving Baker Street after Reichenbach.

I Don't Know by HRS1812
This vid is hard to explain, but the editing is great.

What Am I by BuernedSpySJBB
[Sherlock] I tend to find text annoying in vids (especially song lyrics), but here the vidder used text from a letter from Van Gogh as a narration and it makes a hearbreaking vid.

Concerto, Symphony and Solitary Addiction
by (someone who is chinese, there's a link under the vid)
[John/Sherlock] Constructed reality based on a chinese fanfic. It's long (7 minutes) and fascinating.

Those Things You Do by DuchessCloverly
[Mycroft/Lestrade] I particularly liked the first half of the vid, I thought it was very well done.

Letters From the Sky by KinOksana
[Sherlock, John and Reichenbach] It all ends where it begins

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trailer by xnwn
Spoiler-filled trailer for the show, set to Immigrant Song by Karen O, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross.


Love and Other Deaths by lotherington
‘I don’t love you,’ Sherlock whispers against John’s shoulder, his dark hair curling around the white, stretched skin of John’s scar, the top of his arm.

The Fundamental Things Apply by Raina
"Kisses that are easily obtained are easily forgotten." If Sherlock wanted to be technical about the definition of kissing – lips touching each other – then he supposes the first time they kiss is one he will never be able to remember because he was clinically dead.

Redivivus by cathedral_carver
Hanging. Asphyxiation. Drowning. Gunshot. Food poisoning. Blood poisoning. Stabbing. Hemmhorage. Aneurysm. Flu. Carbon monoxide. Electrocution. Hernia. Car accident. Choking on any number of food products.

Sherlock slams the book shut and holds his head in his shaking hands.

There are so very many different ways to die.

Behavioural Modification by bendingsignpost
Whatever it took, he was going to make this work. [In which Sherlock tells John that communication is important but doesn't tell him anything.]

I Know Thee, Stranger
by lotherington
‘They’ve even accounted for dinosaurs, for goodness’ sake, and they were meant as a bit of a joke when we all got pissed that one afternoon.’ It’s 2010. Sherlock is bored. Mycroft is exasperated. Gabriel’s tired. Raphael’s missing. [angel AU]

An Ordinary, Extraordinary Man by Moony
In the three years John Watson spent in the desert he learned three very important things.
A/N:Takes place in a world where Faeries and other supernatural creatures, demons and whatnot, co-exist with humanity.

Angel Algorithm by Anonymous
In Tokyo, the neon lights never turned off and specialized hit men targeted only the brain. John was a good neuro-assassin, but he was getting older and his days as a mafia favorite were over. He'd take what jobs he could get, even if that meant working for the strangest hacker he'd ever met: an Englishman who called himself The Detective.
[cyberpunk AU]

Spaces Between by Aukbe
John watches Sherlock wander through the flat staring at everything like it's all new, touching random objects as if they can tell him something he doesn't already know. Their eyes meet. They look away.

Someone on Whom by Cathryn
Doctor John Watson isn't sure what would happen to someone caught smuggling a lightning-fried Toclafane, but he'd bet it would involve a not-very-pleasant trip to the Valiant to meet Harold Saxon in person.
[Doctor Who crossover: John and Sherlock meet during the year the Master ruled the world]

Their Whole Life Through by eight_demands
If his patient thought he was the first person to ever try to intimidate John Watson, he was sadly mistaken. John sometimes considered, in his own head, the subtitle of his Afghanistan years to be "Arseholes with Guns who Love to Yell." If anything, being verbally abused by a haughty git who was bleeding all over him brought back a rush of warm nostalgia. [AU in which they meet when Sherlock shows up at the clinic John works at]

.was once a stranger by thisissirius
Lestrade slides photos across the table and John doesn’t want to look at them but does anyway, traces the letters with his fingertips. They look almost identical even if he knows they’re from two different pieces of wood, two different cases. He’s a case and he knows that for most of these officers, that’s all he is. Lestrade knows better and curls the second photo in his fist, lets it drop back on his side of the table. “Why did you write Rache?”

There’s a click and whir of the tape recorder and John looks at the Plexiglas behind Lestrade’s head, knows who’s watching on the other side. He stares at his own reflection and almost doesn’t recognise the person looking back. “Because Sherlock would understand.”

Apotheosis by mad_maudlin
John is given a chance to take the fight to Moriarty. You know what they say about whoever fights monsters...

Genderbent AU by electrumqueen:
everything you say has water under it Joan Watson
sometimes she looks at them in the mirror at 221b; not like they're posing or anything, just when they're on their way out. sherlock's a dark cloud of billowing coat and perfectly shiny hair, immaculate makeup and designer shoes; joan is short and wears shabby jeans and sneakers and really can't be bothered to do her hair, most days, just runs a brush through it and then she's gone.

all the lace and the skin in the shop Sherlock Holmes
sherlock was born in the middle of a snowstorm. her blood runs cool, even now.
this isn't the truth, obviously.
(sherlock was born in a hospital. her mother had an epidural.)
it's just what mycroft says to strangers, to explain why sherlock is so quiet, so cool and so dangerous.

i'm being born again (you may call it suicide) Jennifer Moriarty
she had been so alone, until sherlock. but sherlock is like-- the universe all makes sense, once sherlock is real. if sherlock exists then moriarty makes sense. there is a reason for her and it is balance.
because if there is sherlock there must be moriarty.
the universe makes sense.
she had never thought that before.

Other Fandoms

The (Grimm and Blutbad) Book Club (for the Eager and the Doomed) by laceymcbain
[Grimm] Monroe had always wanted to belong to a Book Club, but he'd never imagined it would be to help out Nick.

Seventeen Things That Happen to Rory Williams, After by Scribe
[Doctor Who] In which Amy dies and Rory, eventually, keeps going.

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