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Here are my answers from a year-old meme (seriously).

If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with a snippet of that unwritten story and a cover.

No snippets this time, but I think the covers to speak for themselves. Well, the first two does, anyway.

[ profile] bathsweaver gave me When Botanists Attack )

[ profile] vibrantharmony gave me Pull The Other One )

[ profile] aelora gave me All These Things That I Have Done )

Even though it always takes me months to answer it, I love this meme! So if you want to play (or just make me happy), leave a title in the comments and I'll make you a cover (no promise on the snippets).
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Whisper or a scream (doesn't change a thing) )

What the dark and the wild and the different know )

Notes )

And now, I shall answer comments because I've been very bad at it recently.


Oct. 4th, 2006 07:15 pm
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I wrote a short something (237 words), it's a crossover, and it is not a WIP. If you get inspired by it, feel free to continue the story or simply use the idea, I'd love to see what someone else would do with it.

The Freakiest Show )
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Film Summary
Rodney McKay, brilliant scientist, future Nobel prize winner, hates his twin sister, Jeannie McKay, who will never win a Nobel prize, because who ever heard of a supermodel winning a Nobel? It's obviously his hate for her that makes him scan her fanmail for potential stalkers. That's how he notices the existence of one John "I see your face every day on my way to work" Sheppard. And if he writes back pretending to be Jeannie, it's only to make sure Sheppard is not a crazy stalker, not because he looks hot on the picture he sent. Rodney is always thorough in his researches, that's the only reason he keeps writing to John for months. If he accepts his invitation to dinner, it's only to protect his sister, nothing more. John might have seemed sane in his letters, it doesn't mean he really his. And if he finds himself wearing a dress, a wig and fake boobs, it's all Jeannie's fault. He really does hate his sister.

The Poster )

Silly Snippet )
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1- I posted some Pearls Before Swine icons over on [ profile] painted_bottles.

2- Some time ago, we won't say when, *cough*February*cough* I posted the following meme: If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with details of those non-written stories. And, possibly, even snippets of them. Which is either enticing or really scary for you all. Go for it.

here are my stories (with covers!) )
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Name a character or pairing and a prompt, and I'll write you a one sentence fic.

Bored? Me? Pffft.
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A long time ago, during the third season of Smallville, I wrote a fic. An incomplete fic. Because that's what I do, start thing that I'll never finish. ^^;;

My first and only Clex fic. )

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