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Turned out I didn't get to decide whether I'd go to work costumed or not. One of the night girl couldn't come to work and I was the lucky one who had to stay to cover her shift. Yay for sixteen hours shift! [/sarcasm] On the upside, I got the evening free and got to see my mom and sister, so yay. I guess.

When I got home I watched White Collar and Merlin. The first was okay, the second was fantastic. I don't get why there isn't more gushing over Merlin the character. I love Arthur/Bradley as much as the next girl, but Merlin is just so damn adorable! The personality, the smile, the faces... He always manages to make me grin like an idiot. That said, Arthur was particularly gorgeous in this episode.

I've been rewatching the first season (after realizing that I had only seen each episodes once, ikr) and as I was watching Merlin run in the woods in The Gates of Avalon, I suddenly realized that there was something I wanted very badly. That something is a vid in which someone finds out about Merlin's magic and he has to run away. Tonight's episode just made me want it more. If it ever get done, you have to tell me. You have to. *nods*

And finally, after months of cursing Tellus for doing dumb things to their phones so that I cannot create a custom ringtone for my cell, I finally gave up and purchased one. Every time someone calls me, the Glee cast sings Push It. And so do I. *g*
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I have been spending a lot of time with my tv lately. First there was Leverage, then Dollhouse, Fringe and True Blood.

I've already talked about Leverage so I'll just say this: this show is sweet and fun like candy.

It took me a while to warm up to the characters of Dollhouse. Echo was empty, Caroline was boring and I just didn't care about her getting her "mind" back. Ballard's storyline did not grab my interest either. The only characters I liked were Adelle and Boyd. I did start caring for Echo by the end of the season, though. Overall, I liked it enough so that I will probably watch the new season.

I wasn't impressed by Fringe's pilot when it first aired but decided to give the show another chance, mostly because of a certain guest star. Said guest star only appeared for a minute at the end of the season, which I found quite disappointing. That said, I'll probably watch the second season... next Summer when there won't be anything else on tv.

As for True Blood... I love it! Again, I didn't like the pilot when it first aired, but the recent squeeing over Eric made me give the show another chance and boy, am I glad I did. It's not perfect and the drama sometimes make me roll my eyes, but it's fun and pretty and extremely enjoyable. Now this, I'm gonna stick around and watch.

Are the books any good?
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Thank you people who voted for Leverage in my last poll. I have now watched every episodes available and I enjoyed it immensely.

For the people who aren't watching, what are you waiting for? It's a cross between Robin Hood and Ocean's 11 with crazy and likable characters, Also, they're pretty.

So... are there any good fics?
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Sometimes I'll watch an episode of a show I like and something will annoy or bore me and the next week I'll decide to skip an episode because of that. Then, every time I will try to watch the episode I miss, I'll think of that one little thing I didn't like and push back the viewing until I forget what I liked about the show and only remember why I stopped watching.

Later, I will forget why I stopped watching (or I'll see all the excited posts on my flist) and decide to see what I missed. More often than not, I fall in love with the show all over again.

Two weeks ago it was The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and this week was House MD.

Oh show, I didn't know I missed you that much. I watched Joy To The World (511) to Saviors (521) in two days and loved every minutes of it. House! Wilson! House & Wilson! Cuddy! Cameroun! Chase! Others!

spoilers for aired episodes of House )
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After seeing the reactions to TSCC season finale all over my flist, I decided to start watching the show again. I had dropped it after the third episode of season one, mostly because I already had a lot of tv to watch. I am now beginning season two and am loving it again. Summer Glau is awesome.

I am so excited about all the new tv shows that started recently. Most of them look like they're going to be great. I especially like Better Off Ted and The Unusuals. The first is hilarious and the second has great potential. Also, I don't remember ever falling in lust with someone so quickly. Jeremy Renner went from 'uh, kinda looks like Ben McKenzie' to 'guh, how can he be so sexy' in less than half an hour.

I've been having trouble sleeping for a week, now, and it has brought me the crackiest dreams ever. We're talking shooting rainbows of one's hands to defend gay people crack. Also, being part of a Disney mailing list and being banished after Kevin Bacon sent an email saying I was a fraud and didn't even like cute things. Damn you Kevin Bacon!

I remember when I first found Livejournal and free accounts were only available with an invite code. I wanted one so badly, but I wasn't in fandom yet and didn't know anyone who could give me one. However, now I have an awesome flist so I shall take a chance and ask: if you have a spare Dreamwidth invite, could you please send it my way? *bat lashes*
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House (contains spoilers for Wilson's Heart) )

Doctor Who
Doctor! Donna! I love you both! Want to know a funny thing? I spent season three missing Rose like crazy, but now that am totally in love with Donna, I am almost dreading her comeback. The feeling of dread will probably go away once we get her back and I remember how much I like her too.

The X Files
I am watching season five and all the 'oh no, we do not like each other this way' situations make me a bit uneasy, knowing what will happen next. I do love me some Mulder & Scully, though. Um, also, when is Krycek supposed to get likeable? I know that Mulder/Krycek is a big ship in the xf fandom, but I'm not feeling the love. Not for the ship, nor the character.

Twin Peaks
Is this any good? If so tell me, so I can motivate myself to get over the horrible music and finish the first episode. The pilot was okay, and I quite like Dale Cooper and his love for trees, but other than that, not felling the love.

Flight of the Conchords
Like the show, love the songs.

Benjamin! I kinda love you. Ben and Hurley Show FTW! Also, Locke is the unluckiest, saddest person who ever lived. Man, did he had a crappy life.

This week I :
- was a bit angry and depressed for no good reason.
- wanted to kill people. a lot.
- was attacked by a)bacon juice b)whipped cream c)hot tea.
- finally figured out how to shuffle a playlist on my iPod
- made the ugliest cake I have ever made
- drank my first mojito and loved it
- ate a handful of chocolate covered coffee beans for breakfast and spent half an hour thinking I was gonna have a heart attack
- made waffles for the first time
- bought sunglasses that I am not sure I like
- finished a book
- met three new people at work who did not know I existed. To be fair, the existence of one of them was unknown to me
- decided i really liked the words confiture and débarbouillette.
- wondered if I should buy a sonic screwdriver. (still thinking about it)

Hello new friends! *waves*
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Things that are awesome:

1- Today was a day off. Yay!

2- I only work four hours (instead of eight) tomorrow because there was a mix up in my schedule and I would have popped the 40 hours a week. Also, I have Monday off.

3- Criminal Minds! I spent the last two weeks watching all the available episodes and I loved it. I keep pimping it to my family using the following description :
It's like CSI, but replace the forensic stuff by psychological stuff. It's about serial killers instead of lame people who can't resolve their lame problems without killing their friend/family/neighbour. Plus, all the characters are awesome, so you're not watching it for the one character *cough*Horatio*cough*.

(Lol, seriously, we all enjoy the cheesiness of CSI:Miami and its red headed, sunglasses wearing Mr Caine.)

4- I am going to British Columbia this Summer! Yay!!!

And now I shall go sit on my sofa and enjoy a night of good television. On the schedule: Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Doctor Who and Supernatural. \o/
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Ashes To Ashes

... )


... )

Doctor Who

I have nothing to add to my reaction in my last post, I'm just happy that it is on again. I am fully prepared for it to rock my world for a few months. :D
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I was watching Sidney White with my sister when the following scene happened:

Dork (movie): It's like you're telling me Bill Adama is a cylon.
Fellow Dorks (movie): LOL!
Me: Lol!
Sister: uh?
Me: *realizes what that means*

I haven't watched the new BSG episode yet, but I am considering joining Join The Fight because it looks like fun. The only problem is that I don't know on which team I want to be. My first choice was the cylons, but everytime I go on the website and see Adama I feel like I am betraying him and feel guilty. I am such a dork. *shakes head*

Also, I have watched the new Doctor Who episode and it was awesome! I was looking forward to see the new companion again (is she still considered a spoiler?) and she didn't disappointed. She and the Doctor were so much fun together. Also, THAT scene, you know the one, totally surprised me and I was so very happy when I saw it. I love that new DW episodes come with Spring, it makes so much sense in my head. :D
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About Terminator and robot wars in general:

I've been thinking about this lately and fail to see the point of robot wars. I mean, what are they going to do once they kill all humans? It's not like they can just enjoy their work and take a vacation since they don't have feelings and all.


About the new season of Primeval

Spoilers for aired episodes of s2 )
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So. *vague hand motion*

I've been waking up late these past few days, and despite going to bed at the same time everyday, I keep getting up later. That's why I decided to skip a night of sleep last night and try to go to bed early tonight and see what happens tomorrow morning.

Last night, I watched 'Le Match des Étoiles', a show in which Quebec's celebrities dance. Yesterday's guests were Alex Perron (THE gay guy of Quebec), Vincent Bolduc (last picture on the page, second person on the drag queen pic, right before who you might recognize as Lana Brown), Anne-Marie Losique (Quebec's equivalent of Paris Hilton. And if you are wondering, this is not a manip, we had our version of The Simple Life. Ugh.) and finally, Lynda Johnson whom I adore. She's one of the sweetest woman on television, IMO. And she was so cute in her dance number. Look! Aw. And next week, Marc Labrèche is going to perform a Jewish dance. Squee! I cannot wait.

I finished the first season of Scrubs and downloaded the second one. I love that show! Dr Cox! JD! The Janitor! Brendan Fraser!!! Songs and dances!

Then I watched some more Cupid, which is the best thing I have found on a certain sharing community. It was written by Rob Thomas, so you know it has to be good. And Jeremy Piven as the main role, and he's awesome. (I heard a lot about him from [ profile] hackthis (Ari Gold, anyone?) and I'm starting to understand why. Is anyone watching Entourage? Is it good, 'cause I think I'll have to watch it as soon as I finish Cupid.) It also has the mayor from Buffy going into musical mode in one of the episode. If you like romance, this show is for you. Some of the episode left me smiling for hours. :D

I watch the latest ep of House, which was...ordinary. And while I was waiting for a torrent of VM to appear, I watched Secretary. I always found it weird when people, while talking about the movie, said James Spader was hot. I looked at the guy and didn't see anything special about him. Now that I've watched the movie, though, I can finally say "Damn, James Spader is HOTT!".

Then I watched VM, which we can describe as the episode that made all the different fangirls from VMworld squee. There was something for everyone. I don't feel like using a cut right now, so I won't talk much about it. Plus, I have to finnish this post soon, SPN is gonna start in a couple of minutes. (Yay!)

I made a couple of icons. Icons I actually like enough to post! *gasps* Go me! This morning, I burned the first season of SGA and lay on the couch with Lena and my blanket to watch it. I had already seen the first four eps, and I got to episode 8 and I the I started to drift in and out of sleep. There was fog, then everyone was on Earth, than there was storm coming, and then some people I didn't know were sick or something. It was confusing, so I decided to stop watching and my sister wanted to watch Les Denis Drolets, so I put the DVD in and watched, oh, a good 20 minutes before starting to drift off again. And if waking up to various SGA scenes was confusing, waking up to various DD scenes was worst. We finally woke up for good around five. I don't know when I started sleeping, but I hope I didn't sleep too much, I don't want to have to spend another night awake. I like sleeping.

Twelve minutes before SPN, yay!

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