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How did you know what you wanted to do with your life? For work, I mean.
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I was thinking, what is the appeal of fanfiction? Besides the porn, that is. ;)

For me, it's mostly about the characters. I watch/read something, fall in love with the characters and want to read more about them. I want to know why character A did what he did, why character B is scared of spiders, what would character C do if they were stuck in a room with a hamster... The original story has also something to do with it. I want to know what happens next. What happened before. What would have happened if x-thing did not go as planned.

So basically, it's about loving a universe and/or its characters and wanting more of them.

I would love to see a group of published authors do what fanfic writers do. That is, writer A writes a book, writer B wants more and write a prequel, writer C wants to know what happened to character x and y and writes about it, writer D wants to know what character z would have done if writer A had set his book in Space, writer A likes the idea and write more of Space adventures...

I know the reason it doesn't happen like that is because of copyright thingies and such, but man, it would be fun. It's like authors would write something and say: "Here are characters and a universe I have created. Enjoy and have fun with them."

I just thought it might
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About Terminator and robot wars in general:

I've been thinking about this lately and fail to see the point of robot wars. I mean, what are they going to do once they kill all humans? It's not like they can just enjoy their work and take a vacation since they don't have feelings and all.


About the new season of Primeval

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On Fanfictions Awards

I love fan awards! I love awards in generel, especially the kind that is voted on by the public, because it's a way to show apreciation to the people whose work you enjoy. Plus, I love voting on stuff. (I love polls like whoa! Seriously.) What I like less about fanfic awards is who time consuming it can be if you haven't read all the fics nominated in a category. Sure, I could vote for the story I have read (and liked), but it never feels fair to the unread stories.

What I'd like to see, is an award with more categories that aren't about whole fics. I want categories like 'Hottest Sex Scene', 'Best Characterization of Jonathan Kent', 'Best Description of Sheppard's Hair', 'Best Use of Celery SaltFood', etc. With links to the appropriate parts. That way, the voters could read everything before voting, and it would be fair for everyone. Also, OMG SO MUCH FUN! Don't you think it'd be fun? I so want a list of funny description of Sheppard's hair.

On Rereading Fics

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(This post was brought to you by Nabob coffee and Nesquick )
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On the bus, this afternoon, I saw a girl wearing a bright blue plush-y coat. If she'd been wearing a white hat, she'd have looked like a plush smurf. And that's the thought that started my curiosity about translations.

In French, a smurf is called a schtroumpf. Who decided that it'd be called a smurf in English? Then I started to think of weird words that weren't even real words, but had been translated differently in French or English. The first words that came to mind were Harry Potter terms. Hogwarts becomes Poudlard (I hate that word) in French, muggles becomes Moldu. I understand that some invented words are translated to become easier to pronounce in another language. I also understand that nicknames have to be translated to make sense (Moaning Myrtle --> Mimi la Geignarde). Translating names is kinda weird though. I mean, in Harry Potter, the story takes place in England, it makes more sense to let Oliver Wood keep his name and not change it to Olivier Dubois. But, hey, if they want to change it, it's fine.

I have a problem, though, with changing words that shouldn't have to be translated. They translated Malfoy to Malefoy. Isn't Malfoy supposed to come from old French? Why did they add and "e"? And then, there's Draco. They changed it to Drago. Draco is *latin* for dragon, for god's sake. Why did they felt the need to change it? Because the comparison wasn't obvious enough? Are French speaking people supposed to be dumb or something?

Another thing that bugs me is how latin/greek/roman words/name sometimes aren't the same in French and in English. Platon/Plato, Apollon/Apollo, Narcisse/Narcissus,... There's not a big difference, but it's there and I don't know why.

Right, so I don't have anything more to say, I'm just curious.

In French, we have Les Calinours et Les Bisounours. I have no clue about what is the difference between the two. Is there an other kind of Carebears in English too? If so, what's the difference between the them?

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