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When working, I always attach a piece of paper to the production pad to write things I have to bake. Tonight, I attached a second piece of paper so I could write down ideas for Nano. Guess what. I totally forgot to take the paper with me when I was done! So now there is currently a girl staring at a piece of paper on which the following is written: 'creepy old guy who everyone loves is an alien'. Yeaaaaaaaah, I hope she just throws the both pieces without looking at what's on it. >_>;

On an other non work related pad of mine I found a Smallville commentary for an unknown episode. Anyone want to play guess the ep? Here's what I wrote:

Watched three times and still don't like the cemetary scene. First part is alright but I don't like Clois. Don't know why. Is Gabe's tombstone next to Chloe? Couldn't they have waited before dressing CLark in red and blue again?

Any idea?

And on the other side of the sheet I have a list of "OTP"s consisting of Lois+Coffee, Lionel+glasses and Lionel+wife-beater. I don't even know. รด_O
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Turned out I didn't get to decide whether I'd go to work costumed or not. One of the night girl couldn't come to work and I was the lucky one who had to stay to cover her shift. Yay for sixteen hours shift! [/sarcasm] On the upside, I got the evening free and got to see my mom and sister, so yay. I guess.

When I got home I watched White Collar and Merlin. The first was okay, the second was fantastic. I don't get why there isn't more gushing over Merlin the character. I love Arthur/Bradley as much as the next girl, but Merlin is just so damn adorable! The personality, the smile, the faces... He always manages to make me grin like an idiot. That said, Arthur was particularly gorgeous in this episode.

I've been rewatching the first season (after realizing that I had only seen each episodes once, ikr) and as I was watching Merlin run in the woods in The Gates of Avalon, I suddenly realized that there was something I wanted very badly. That something is a vid in which someone finds out about Merlin's magic and he has to run away. Tonight's episode just made me want it more. If it ever get done, you have to tell me. You have to. *nods*

And finally, after months of cursing Tellus for doing dumb things to their phones so that I cannot create a custom ringtone for my cell, I finally gave up and purchased one. Every time someone calls me, the Glee cast sings Push It. And so do I. *g*
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I was watching Sidney White with my sister when the following scene happened:

Dork (movie): It's like you're telling me Bill Adama is a cylon.
Fellow Dorks (movie): LOL!
Me: Lol!
Sister: uh?
Me: *realizes what that means*

I haven't watched the new BSG episode yet, but I am considering joining Join The Fight because it looks like fun. The only problem is that I don't know on which team I want to be. My first choice was the cylons, but everytime I go on the website and see Adama I feel like I am betraying him and feel guilty. I am such a dork. *shakes head*

Also, I have watched the new Doctor Who episode and it was awesome! I was looking forward to see the new companion again (is she still considered a spoiler?) and she didn't disappointed. She and the Doctor were so much fun together. Also, THAT scene, you know the one, totally surprised me and I was so very happy when I saw it. I love that new DW episodes come with Spring, it makes so much sense in my head. :D
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You know you did a great job when, the day after having supper with your sisters' boyfriends, one of your sister tells you that her bf asked if you really want to kill people.

*big fucking grin*

I'm so proud of myself, right now. *wipes invisible tear*


Happy birthday [ profile] lexalot! I hope your having (or planning to have) a fantastic time. *hugs*
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The Joanie you've been hearing about for almost two years is a lie. The truth is, I'm really Tom Welling.

You see, two years ago, Michael told me about someone writing a journal as if it were written by me. So we decided to each write a journal as if we were fangirls. I decided to create someone who was the opposite of me, Joanie, an eighteen year old French Canadian girl. Mike, who always go for subtlety (*roll eyes*) decided that his character would be totally crazy about him. His Lj name is [ profile] herohunter, by the way.

There's more. [ profile] lapetite_kiki and [ profile] betrue are not real either. Their names are Penny and Marian, and they are professional photographers. Which means that, yes, Mike and me posed for them. And since we're such great actors, there was no need for photomanipulation, everything you see on the pictures is real. But we're not, you know, together. We're not gay, really. We just enjoy to play together, naked, from time to time. And sometimes we kiss, but it's really just fun and games. No longing feelings. No deep forbidden love. Nope. Not at all. >.>

You might be wondering why I'm telling you all this. Why now, why ever? Well, the truth is, Mike and I have decided to quit Smallville. It was fun and interesting during the first seasons, but right now, the show has gone to Lanavillehell. Unfortunately, AlMiles don't want us to quit, and they have an army of lawyers ready to sue us if we ever decide to do so. So Mike and I don't have a choice, we must disappear. We're planning on leaving tonight, for Australia. Before leaving without a trace, though, I felt like I needed to tell you the truth.

I'm deeply sorry for having lied to you for so long. I hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me.


P.S. I'm going to delete this journal as soon as we land in Australia. Please, don't repost any part of this post anywhere else. And wish us luck, I think we're going to need it.

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House ...

Mar. 29th, 2005 11:36 pm
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...or Joanie's Tuesdays

1. Wakes up
2. Does stuff
3. Thinks: Hey, it's Tuesday. It's House tonight.
4. Does more stuff.
5. Thinks: Hey, it's Tuesday. It's House tonight.
6. Does stuff again
7. Thinks: Hey, it's Tuesday. Don't forget it's House tonight.
8. Does other stuff
9. Thinks: Hmmm... I feel like I'm forgetting something... *sees that it's Tuesday* Right, House. Must not
10. Does stuff
11. (8:00) Thinks: Gah! Quick, it's House. *runs to bedroom, turns on TV* Wait a minute... oh, right, it's at
9:00. I won't forget.
12. Does stuff
13. Does more stuff
14. (10:00) Thinks: F*ck!! Not again.

I watched, like, three or four episodes. I love the show, I'm just not used to watch it.
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Today, my life was a musical. I hate when that happens.

Every time I heard a word, a song popped into my head. It was so annoying!

An hour of my day:

Me: *Time for me to retire now, and become John Locke* (yeah, I know I shouldn't have listened to this song this morning)

Teacher (to class): If you want to reach me--
Me: *The only one who could ever reach me, was the son of a preacher man*

Teacher (to class): If you want to do a research on lipstick--
Me: *Well I hate your liiiiiiipstick*

Girl (to teacher): It's my brother--
Me: *He ain't heavy, he's my brother*

Teacher (to class): You can make groups, one for each sex--
Me: *Sex is natural, sex is good, not everybody does, but everybody should*

Guy: I want--
Me: *Money, tu tu tututu, that's what I want, tu tu tututu*

Me (writing in agenda): Libre!!! (Free!!!) *Moiiiiiiii, je suis liiiibre, li-bre, li-bre, li-bre, li-bre, li-breee, Wooh! je suis libre, je suis liiiiibre* <-- That one was the most annoying, it's still stuck in my head

Me (see people smoking): *Smoke baby, smoke baby, more alcool baby*

Yep, *very* annoying.

Also, I might have developped a crush on Dr.House ^_^

Oh, and, wee! I have a new icon, done by the talented [ profile] farferello. Isn't it gorgeous!
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Back to School
Ugh! First day of school after a one year break. I had to get up at 5h45!!! God, it's freezing outside! The walk to the bus stop is only 5 minutes long and I felt like my hands had been replaced by two blocks of ice. Brrr! And I have to take the bus again to go to my second class. *sigh* At least it's something about art, I'm not sure what, but art can't be boring, right? Right?? God, I hope not.

Smallville mini-marathon
It finally happened! We spent Tuesday afternoon watching the Pilot ("Whoa! There's a lot of special effects!", Heat ("BITCH!"), Insurgence ("OMG, he's not really thinking about jumping, is he?"), Exile (*hides her eyes*"Eeep! Tell me when he's going to stop eating bugs."), Memoria ("She killed him?...ouch") and Crusade ("That girl is weird." (about Lois))

She liked it! Not enough to have a proper marathon, but enough to borrow my dvds and watch the current season. She had a moment during Exile. She saw Kal's chest during the phone booth scene, looked at me and:

K: But, what's the thing between Smallville and Superman?
Me: ...

A couple of days before, we where talking about the song Do You Realize and I said it was a perfect song for Clark, she asked why and I told her that he was going to become Superman and he'll never die and see all his friends die and be all alone... Either she wasn't listnening or she has a very bad memory. *sigh*

So I explained, again, that Clark Kent was Superman and Smallville was about Clark as a teenager. And right then, there was this moment when I saw her face and I knew that she really understood what the show was about and I could tell she thought it was fantastic. Hee! That was great!

I didn't told her about the Clex, but there might be someone else I could convert. Qu'on m'apporte la prochaine victime! *eg*
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1- Found cool pics on internet
2- Decided to make icons with cool pics
3- Opened PSP
4- Stared at screen for 15 minutes
5- Closed PSP
6- Tried to find something to do
7- Had an idea for another clex collage
8- Opened PSP
9- Opened a pic of Lex and a pic of TW shirtless
10- Stared at screen
11- Decided music would be good for inspiration
12- Clicked on random music file: Love Shack started to play
13- Danced around the living room
14- Decided to go take shower
15- Put Love Shack on repeat to put boys in mood for loooove
16- Took shower
16(b)- Giggled at thoughts of Clark doing striptease on Love Shack
16(c)- LMAO at thoughts of Lex terrified face while watching Clark
17- Came back in the living room to find that my sister was back from school
18- Told her about Clark and Lex and Love Shack and the mood for looove
19- Tried to look sane
20- Watched "Relic" with my sister
21- Answered all her "What did he/she said?"
21(b)- Except the one when she thought Lex had asked herChloe to marry him
22- Watched "Truth" because my sister wanted to see the Chloe/Pete kiss
23- Watched the kung-fu scene in "Delete"

And now?

I'm still trying to make something with PSP, but I have zero inspiration.

*singing* Love shack, baby love shack...

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