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Jun. 7th, 2006 07:57 pm
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Garçons de Plaisir )

And a special one for someone. You know who you are. *g*
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GIP! My first VM icon! I am loving this show! (Prettyness made by [ profile] saava)


I learned two things yesterday. The first is that Veronica Mars is on Thursday, not on Monday. (I was so disappointed, I was ready for a new episode.) The second is that my sister goes to school with the Star Wars Kid. Eh!


We're moving next week and I only made two boxes. I am so slow! I tried making more this afternoon, but I found a stack of magazines and, since I didn't want to keep them all, I had to look through them to see if there was anything worth keeping. And, well, long story short, I spent the afternoon scanning various images instead of putting my stuff into boxes. So... PICSPAM!

Veronica Mars (3) )

Dead Like Me (5) )

The Dreamers (3) )

The O.C. (3) )

Smallville (2) )

Angel/Buffy (12) )

Other: Maggie Grace/Jennifer Morrison/Ewan Mcgregor/Eric Christian Olsen/Elen/One Tree Hill  )

Again, bigger versions are available if you want them. Also, I have more pictures from Arthelius. If you're a fan of Tru Calling, Elektra, Alias or Charmed, leave a comment and spare me another afternoon of boredom.
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I bought Arthelius recently and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had an article on Christopher Reeve. Well, it's more of a mini biography, but it's still nice. Arthelius does't really do articles. Most of what is written in it is episodes summaries of different TV shows. The people who make that magazine are obsessed with Charmed, Angel and BtVS. They also like Smallville (which is why I buy it), True Calling and, recently, The O.C.. It's boring, but the art is amazing, so I buy it anyway. No crazy manip in the last issue, but I still scanned the Christopher Reeve pic because I liked the cape in the background and the cover of the next issue, which I can't wait to buy.

Art accompanying the Christopher Reeve article )

Cover of the next issue )

On a completely unrelated subject, go check the trailer for Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
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[Seth voice]Good Lord, I think I'm gonna pass out![/Seth voice]

Heeeee! Someone bought me 6 months of paid lj! This is so cool! Thank you! I 'd really like to know who did it, so I can thank you properly. Again, thank you!

I spent the day going through my f-list. It was very long, but very enjoyable. I read the last parts of [ profile] rose_emily Love Actually inspired fic (the first part is still my favorite), read all the stories I had missed on [ profile] undermistletoe (such a good idea), read the newest part of [ profile] svmadelyn's Devil Lex wip (I want more!) and started reading [ profile] seperis's Pretty When You're Mine (amazing wip!).

I also got to play with my new favorite thing: Stan. Stan is our new scanner and I adore him, because I've been wanting to post the following pics for weeks, and now I can! Woo!

From Arthelius, a French mag: )

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