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How did you know what you wanted to do with your life? For work, I mean.
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I hate phones. And I'm very shy. So I tend to get very nervous when I have to phone places for important stuff like, say, renewing my health insurance card. It took me two years to get the courage to do so. Two. Years. And the whole thing lasted fifteen minutes. Ten of these minutes were spent listening to classical music.

I really hate these silly fears.
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I have so many things to say! I'll start with the serious stuff.

Last Sunday, Choupette (my father's dog) died. My father accidently ran over her with a pick up truck, it was horrible. The skin was gone from half of her face and she was still alive. My dad had to kill her by strangling her. It was really hard for him, and for my stepmother. Now, the house seems so empty. My sister brought Benjamin with her at my mom's house, so the house is really quiet.

The day after, something else happened. I was at my mom's house, and my stepmother was alone in hers. Her neighbour has been depressed since summer, when his girlfriend left him. He's been drinking and taking drugs. Monday night, he decided to shoot on his shed with a rifle. Well, one of the bullet went through our living room's wall. O_O Fortunately, my stepmom was in the basement when it happened, she didn't even hear a thing. Later, when she realized what had happened, she called the police. She told me it was like in the movies, from the search for clues to the arrest of the neighbour. It's been a weird week.

Yesterday, I went to see the psychiatrist and he augmented my meds and gave me the name of a psychologist. I'll have to call her to make an appointed. Gah, phone.

On a lighter note, we went to see the puppies! They were so cute! We can only have them in two weeks, though. I can't wait. :D
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SV Dream
I dreamed that Lex and Lionel went to André Lalonde Sport (a store that sells sport stuff) and had the following conversation:

Lionel: (looks at Lex and then in front of him) Are you stoned?
Lex: (obviously stoned) No.
Lionel: (sighing) You were supposed to get stoned after we left the store.

They were wearing matching long dark coats and Lex had a grey scarf. Lex + Long Dark Coat + Grey Scarf = Guh!

And I don't know if I talked about my army!Clark dream, if so, sorry for repeating myself, but the words are stuck in my mind, I have to write them. In the dream, Clark was in the army and here is the letter he sent to his parents:
Dear Mom and Dad,
the army is awesome. I have a hat!

The 'I have a hat' part kills me every time. I imagine him saying it in his Yay!Pie!/Ralph Wiggum voice.

My trip to the library
I felt like reading a good book today, the kind of book that you can't stop reading until you reach the end. The last time I read a book in less than a week (except for 'City') was two years ago. It was 'The Secret History' by Donna Tartt. I read it in two days and wrote three pages of squeeing after because I didn't want to leave the universe of the book yet. So today I went to the library to find a book that looked interesting. I was trying to find something with gay boys, but I was shocked to discover that the library didn't have flashy 'this book has boy on boy action in it' or 'this book has Hoyay! in it' stickers to identify this kind of books. Every library should have these stickers. At one point, I almost considered going to the librarian and ask her if she had anything with a homosexual relationship in it. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. (Me: Do you have something more, you know, *whispers* gay?) I wonder if she would have had suggestions... I thought I had found one when I started reading the back of a book. It was all:
Book: Tom starts his modeling career...
Me: Oooh...
Book: and meets Matt...
Me: Oooooooh...
Book: Tom discovers a world of alcool, drugs...
Me: Hmmm...
Book: and SEX
Me: Oooooooooh!
Book: blah blah blah, tension between Tom and Matt...
Me: Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!
Book: when they fall in love with the same woman.
Me:... Damnit!

I joined yaoi_daily recently and there was this warning that made me laugh so hard. It said something like 'Warning: Not work safe. Inappropriate use of a baby bottle.' It's just so wrong and yet.. I just can't stop laughing. A baby bottle?

Manip community
Is there a lj community that helps manippers find good bases? If not, it'd be great. A place where you could ask something like 'I'm looking for a man wearing a white suit, preferably someone who's not too muscular' and then someone would answer 'Like in this pic [insert link here]' or 'I think Diego Luna wore one in a particular photo shoot, try looking on this site [insert link here]'. It would make life so much easier. Anyone else thinks so? Maybe I should start one... *ponders*

Note: I was tired of 'random' as a subject line, so I decided to use lyrics from now on. Today's lyric comes from Over the Rhine's Radio Heaven

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