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Happy New Year everyone! May 2008 be better than 2007. *hugs*

Last year's resolutions )

Also, I finished the 100 movies in 1 year challenge. Go me! (I'm too lazy to do an impression post, so I'll just say that Superbad was a disappointment, Alan Tudyk rocked in Death at A Funeral, Ocean's 13 was a lot of fun, Just Like A Woman was cute and Blades of Glory was sweet)
I totally failed at the 50 books in 1 year challenge.

For 2008 )
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New year resolutions goals.


1- Comment more in other people's journal, leave feedback.
2- Stop waiting an embarassingly long time before replying to comments.
3- Play more with the pen tool in Photoshop.
4- Get back in the habit of wishing happy birthdays.
5- Post more music.
6- Make a fanvid.
7- Finally post pictures of Trois-Rivières. (LOL!)

Real Life:

1- Read more books!!!!
2- Loose weight (exercise more (walk the dog!) + start doing Belle et Mince again (don't stop after a week))
3- Do something with your life! (find job, go back to school...)
4- Work on anxiety problem.
5- Learn to love and respect myself.
6- Cook more.
7- Take more pictures.

I'm starting right now, by wishing a happy birthday to [ profile] betrue. I hope you're having a fantastic day (or planning to have one.). *hugs*
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1- Learn more Photoshop techniques.
2- Get better at Photoshop-ing
3- Write more drabbles. (why yes, I did write a drabble once)
4- Make a fanvid.
5- Get to know recently added lj friend. (Hi! *waves*)
6- Leave more comments.
7- Finally post pictures of Trois-Rivières

Real Life
1- Get better at English
2- Get a job.
3- Loose a few pounds. (how original)
4- Discover new artists.
5- Take more pictures.
6- Read at least 20 books.

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