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The best thing about my dad's new house is, without hesitation, the field behind it. Everytime I visit my dad, I bring my dog and we take a walk up to the end of the field. And everytime I do, I have the same thought: "I should have brought the camera." Last Friday, while laying on my back in the field with my dad, worrying about bugs and things poking me in the legs, I had the same thought. However, this time I decided to go back to the house and get the damn thing. It wasn't the best day (I had seen bluer skies and fluffier clouds), but I did take some nice pictures anyway.

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Three wallpaper sized pictures are available here.
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Today I ordered my minicards (for the curious, these are the pictures I chose.), I washed my dog and I cleaned my room and sprayed it with bug spray (I killed four spiders this week. Four!) Yay for semi productive days!

I took pictures of the my grand-father's prune tree last week. It's so beautiful when it is on flowers. And it smells heavenly, too. The first two are untouched, the rest is. The last picture is of the step-mom's apple tree.

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What else... I posted Smallville (Craving) and Supernatural (various) icons on [ profile] painted_bottles, I bought cheap pens and am madly in love with them for some reasons, I drank another chocolate mint iced cappucino from Tim Horton's, I'm trying to get myself in the mood to watch both Veronica Mars and Lost's finales, I started watching Naruto out of boredom, this made me laugh this morning, Jensen still has a pretty face and Jared does crazy things with his eyebrows.

I have spent the last few days trying to come up with an introduction post for my new friends, but I realy don't know what to say, so I'll just go with:

Hi! *waves* Nice to meet you all. If you want to know more about my fannish activities, there's a link in my userinfo, and if you want to know more about me, you can find some info in the 'me' tag on the left (some of them are outdated, I'll try to come up with a real introduction soon). If you have questions, don't be shy, I'm the shy one. ^_^
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We finally have snow! It came yesterday, a day after Christmas. *shakes head* You were late, snow. Here's a pic spam to celebrate.

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I drank the bestest coffee in the world today. My usual coffee cup has (as I say to my mom) one sugar, one milk, then add a lot of sugar and a lot of milk. Coffee lovers who are reading this must be appalled, I am sure. Anyway, today's coffee(s) had cinnamon, honey and a touch of Baileys. Yummy!


Sep. 6th, 2005 01:05 am
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Yay! I might finally own a dog! I know you're all thinking "But...didn't she already have a dog? What about Benjamin?" Well, you see, the thing is, Benjamin is not really mine. He's my sister's. But he likes me, and I like him. A lot. And since I've known him since he was a baby, he's kind of my dog too, which means I pet him and play with him, but don't have to feed him or clean after him, that's my sister's job. *g* The downside of this situation, though, is that she brings him with her almost where ever she goes, which means no Benjamin for me. But it's all going to change when (if) I get a cute little Jack Russel. We're going to go see the puppies next week, I can't wait to chose one. :D

And now, pictures! I took them this morning and thought they were pretty, so here they are.

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