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Last week (or was it the one before), we got the most awesome news ever omg!!11!1 Simple Plan is coming to Trois-Rivières!!1!!1 They're, like, the Beatles of 2000!

Yes, the newspaper actually compared Simple Plan to The Beatles. No, I did not burn it, but I wish I did. And ever since the news was announced, people won't shut up about it. Oh, Simple Plan is coming. The festival is now truly international. Montreal and Quebec will be green with envy. Muahahahaha! WHO'S THE BIG TOWN NOW, BITCHES?

*rolls eyes* It's all very annoying.
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I got woken at eight this morning. The woman who taught the grooming class needed help because her employee was sick and couldn't work today. I got up and went to work. I bathed and dryed a Golden Retreiver and a Chow Chow. My wrist, feet and back all hurt. But I have money! yay! And drying big hairy dogs is very good for daydreaming and selftalking. While a part of my brain insisted on singing (She's a perfect angel, you're a skanky skanky whore), an other was thinking about very important things.

1- Do Wraiths bathe?
2- Clark can't visit Atlantis, because it's probably too far from the sun and he'd lose his powers and die in space and Lex would be pissed. I'm sure a lot of people would be glad to see him, though. And hey! Maybe he could defeat the Wraiths...or infiltrate their ship and see if they bathe.
3- Why is everyone talking a bout a whale?!?

I do have the answer to that third question, now. Apparently, a whale got hit by a boat near Montreal, and no cities near Montreal wanted ithad place for it, so they put the whale on a truck and moved her to the town next to mine, where she's (because it's she), is going to be buried under a lot of dirt and garbage. o.O

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