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Last night I went downtown to catch up with old friends. We talked about CanalVie (Life Network type channel), weddings and kids. Good lord. What was that about? I'm only twenty, I shouldn't have to listen to my friends talk about stuff like that for two hours. ô.O I did discover the joy of chilled chai lattes, though, so it wasn't too bad.

This morning I was woken at 10 by my sister who came into my room loudly saying :"If you want to go shopping, we're leaving now, so get up." My sister's so sweet. :P

I bought a new collar for Lena, hair dye, a box of Superman elastoplasts (hee.), the May-June edition of PREF, two Superman notebooks and a Batman one (They were only one dollar each, I couldn't resist).

We came back home and my sister dyed my hair. I now have pretty dark hair that smells like candy. *sniffs hair* Mmmmm!


May. 12th, 2006 04:02 pm
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Due to some unpredicted stuff (I like to think of it as having been kidnapped by my dad and forced to live some kind of Amish like life, except I wasn't really kidnapped and the similarity between my life and one of an Amish stops at living near a forest 'cause I have a DVD player and a satellite dish), I have been internet-less for a week! A WEEK! That's a long time when you're not expecting it.

Anyway, the important thing to know is, I can only access the computer on weekends. And it's my mother's, all the cool stuff is on my father's comp. :( All should be back to normal around June 2nd, though, so it's not so bad.

Fanishly, I just skimmed my flist and have seen alot of excitement over VM and SV. I am downloading SV and will find a way to download the last two eps of VM. I cannot wait to see how the season ends.

I spend most of my week rewatching SGA and have developped an unhealthy obsession for the Wraiths and how their body works. I have also discovered my all-time favourite moments. It's in 'Hide And Seek', when Sheppard has this dreamy look and says "I shot him." I can't get enough of his face and voice. He looks so...high on love. :P

I also started watching SG-1. And by started watching, I mean catching episodes here and there. I know I'm watching season 6 in French (Jonas is so cute!), but I don't know which season I'm watching in English. The last episode I caught was about Daniel finding his wife and Teal'c having to kill her. Or something. Ring any bells? I'd like to know in what order I'm watching.
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I woke up this morning and everything was perfect. The weather was gorgeous, I could download the new episode of VM, and my download of SGA S2 was complete. Yay! It's like today said "This day's for you, Joanie. Nothing bad will happen, I promise." So I took a shower, went upstairs and found two fresh lemon muffins. Yummy. Even the gross pictures and descriptions of a dead whale couldn't stop me from enjoying those muffins. (BTW, in the newspaper, the reporter said that people were surprised by the bad smell of the whale. Hellooo! It's a giant dead fish! What were you expecting?)

Then I watched some SGA eps and it was time to see Marc Labrèche dance on Le Match Des Étoiles. Hee. The man always makes me so happy! And he won! Which made me even more happy, 'cause I was going to see him in next week's episode, with Lynda Johnson!!!

That's when things decided that the day was over. Come on, it was only nine, coudln't you have waited until midnight? *sighs* First, Marc announced that he couldn't be there next week because he was going on a trip somewhere. *pouts* Then, the dogs ran off and I had to spend 15 minutes outside to look for them. And the icing on the cake, ex-teacher called and I'm working tomorrow. Bleh.

Damn you, today, and your false promises.
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I got woken at eight this morning. The woman who taught the grooming class needed help because her employee was sick and couldn't work today. I got up and went to work. I bathed and dryed a Golden Retreiver and a Chow Chow. My wrist, feet and back all hurt. But I have money! yay! And drying big hairy dogs is very good for daydreaming and selftalking. While a part of my brain insisted on singing (She's a perfect angel, you're a skanky skanky whore), an other was thinking about very important things.

1- Do Wraiths bathe?
2- Clark can't visit Atlantis, because it's probably too far from the sun and he'd lose his powers and die in space and Lex would be pissed. I'm sure a lot of people would be glad to see him, though. And hey! Maybe he could defeat the Wraiths...or infiltrate their ship and see if they bathe.
3- Why is everyone talking a bout a whale?!?

I do have the answer to that third question, now. Apparently, a whale got hit by a boat near Montreal, and no cities near Montreal wanted ithad place for it, so they put the whale on a truck and moved her to the town next to mine, where she's (because it's she), is going to be buried under a lot of dirt and garbage. o.O
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Sexuality has been a touchy subject for me, lately. It all started when I opened a magazine and found a picture of karla Homolka's ex-boyfriend wearing a negligée. The caption under the pic said : Homolka's ex-boyfriend wearing women's clothing...weird.

After reading that, I stormed out of the bathroomplace I was, and started bitching about it to my mom and sisters. I mean, what the hell!?! He's wearing his girlfriend's clothes, so what? First, you don't even know why the picture was taken. It might have been for a joke, or something like that. Anf if not, why is it weird? Can't people wear what they want in the intimacy of their own house and wherever they want? The way they set it, it was like 'OMG! Look! He's dressed as a woman! No wonder he is crazy and killed these poor girls.' *tears mag into pieces*

What was my mom's answer to by tirade? 'May I ask you a question? Are you a lesbian?' I said I was bi, but I should have told her this had nothing to do with the conversation! Because I'm defending gay people, that makes me gay? WTF!?!

Then their was the Latendresse story. Poor little hockey player posed half naked for a magazine and now said that he didn't know what magazine it was for. Why? Because it turns out it's a gay mag. So, posing half naked for a random mag is ok, but taking the same pose for a gay mag isn't? I'm angry at both Latendresse for being all 'omg! they tricked me! I would never have done it if I knew gay people read that mag!' (yeah, because gay people only read gay magazines, everybody knows that) and the public for talking about his sexuality. Gay, straight, who fucking cares?

And the last one happened last night. My sister's boyfriend was talking about a 14 year old boy who accidently killed himself while trying to asphixiate himself while jerking off. He took the idea from internet. Apparently, the person who did the site is psycho because which sane person would want to do that. It's like all these sado-masochist, they're not normal.


I wanted to jump accross the table and strangle him. I was almost shaking with rage. And of course, because I defended both the boy and the sado-masochists, I must try to strangle myself while I masturbate. Because I can't only be open minded, of course not. You are whatever you're defending. *rolls eyes*

I want to take a moment to thank the internet fandom for making me a sado-masochist lesbian the open-minded person I am right now. Thank you!

*hugs flist*

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