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Reading (part two)

In the first post, I talked about having trouble seeing the whole picture when I read. It's particularly true when I'm trying to imagine where the story takes place. I try drawing different places in SV to show how I see them, and try to put some elements together. As you will see, there is a lot of unused place. That's usually because my mind never went beyond certain borders, so I don't know what's behind them. Other times, it's just because the way I see a place doesn't make sense when you put it with the other pieces. You will also notice that some (read most) sets differ from what is seen on the show. That's mostly because I started reading fanfics before I watched the show, and already had some ideas of what a place should look like before seeinth the place in question on TV.

Lets start with the Kent's Farm )

The Talon )

Luthor Mansion )

The Penthouse )

What do you think? Is this how you saw those places, or did you have a totally different view of them?
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Reading. (part one)

I'm a visual person, everything I feel, I 'see' it. I can visualize taste, music, touch... I can't always explain it in words, but I always have an image in mind.

When I read, I see images, but nothing as a whole. If I'm reading a sentence that start by describing a corner of a room, and then the other, I'll see the first corner, and then the other, but I'll never see the two corners at the same time. The same thing happen during a sex scene. If a paragraph start by describing Lex and Clark having sex, I'll probably start by seeing them pressed against each other, naked. If the author goes on and write about Lex sucking the tip of Clark's cock, I'll just see this part, Lex's lips and the tip of Clark's cock, until another detail is described. I often compare the way my mind see with a camera. I can zoom in and out, focus, blur, etc. When details are given, my mind zoom in on those, and forget the whole picture.

What about you? What do you see when you're reading?
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You know how Oscar Wilde came from space with a green rock? What if he was Kryptonian?

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