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I've been listening to this song for three days, I just can't stop.

Tellement Belle (Tu M'Aimes Tu)
Originally by Richard Desjardin, this version is sang by Marc-André Gondrin, the winner of last year's Star Académie.

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Aug. 17th, 2005 03:45 pm
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I've been listening to this song for three weeks now, and I really listened to the lyrics for the first time today.

Let me fall
Let me climb
There’s a moment when fear
And dreams must collide

Someone I am
Is waiting for courage
The one I want
The one I will become
Will catch me

So let me fall
If I must fall
I won’t heed your warnings
I won’t hear them

All i ask
All I need
Let me open whichever
door I might open

Let me fall
If I fall
Though the phoenix may
Or may not rise

I will dance so freely
Holding on to no one
You can hold me only
If you too will fall
Away from all these
Useless fears and chains

Someone I am
Is waiting for my courage
The one I want
The one I will become
Will catch me

So let me fall
If I must fall
I won’t heed your warnings
I won’t hear

Let me fall
If I fall
There’s no reason
To miss this one chance
This perfect moment
Just let me fall

- Let Me Fall by Josh Groban (pour le Cirque Du Solei)

Damn, I love this song.
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I've only heard one of their song and I didn't find it particularly good, but I like their lyrics.

Summer shorts on a lawn of green
Smooth tan legs and what in between
Touch your knee, slide up your leg
Pull your shirt off over your head
This is where it begins
This is the moment we live for
When we abandon a hostile world
And surrender our clothing to the floor
Stroke your body, smooth lean chest
Brush the nipples, my hand comes to rest
Kiss your neck, fingers through your hair
Reaching down your back inside your underwear
Feel your tongue, feel your lips
Bodies in motion, grinding hips
All hands below, finding whats concealed
Zippers down, the prize revealed

- Surrender Your Clothing

Hes thought about it for a long long time
About being attracted to his own kind
Hes ready to take those fantasies
And make them into something real
And finally do all the things
Hes been dreaming of

- The Cocksucker Club

Sometimes i wish i was braver
I'm vanilla
I know about ropes and whips
Handcuffs and nipple clips
That's something i'm gonna skip
I'm vanilla


Start it with a kiss kiss kiss
And if its practice you need
You can practice all over me
Man, you got such luscious lips
Give them the pleasure of a kiss


Cute drunk boys in gay bars
All the trouble they cause
They come onto you so bold
Get them home they pass out cold
You go to sleep, they start to snore

-Boyfriend Wanted

And other songs I liked: Strip U Down, Anonymous, Bunnies, Fem In A Black Leather Jacket, Groovy Underwear, I Really Wanted You and Ring Of Joy.


Mar. 29th, 2005 01:04 pm
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Collected lyrics to use in art, I'm just putting them here so that I can find them easily. They will be in my memories under 'Art Resources' if you're looking for inspiration. This post shouldwill be edited often.

**March 30th 2005 --> Added some Matthew Good Band lyrics
**March 31st 2005 --> Added some Depeche Mode and Duran Duran lyrics

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