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Ugh. I never thought I'd say that, but I think I'm all TVed out. For a while anyway. If it were summer, and I had a car...and if I actually knew how to drive, I'd go camping for a week. Just me, my iPod and the stars.

It's funny, because one or the reasons I didn't want to watch the show was that it felt a bit too claustrophobic, but I got used to the ship and couldn't wait for them to get back on it whenever they were out. By the middle of season three (yesterday) the claustrophobic feeling came back. And now I can't wait for them to get to Earth or die, whichever comes first.

You know how certain characters inspire certain feelings? Like some characters will always make you want to hug them, others you want to slap whenever they open their mouth, some you want to jump whenever they appear on the screen. Well, whenever Lee is on the screen, I want to poke him with a knitting needle. o.O I don't know why or when the thought first crossed my mind, but I couldn't stop thinking about it after that. But, yeah. Poke him with a knitting needle.
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Damn, that was good. )

I need to upload more SPN icons...


Jan. 20th, 2007 11:31 pm
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I watched both Hydro and Justice this week. Both had me giggling (in a good way). Read more... )

Supernatural was alright.

SGA was oh so awesome. Read more... )

Torchwood (complete first season) )
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New Drop Dead Gorgeous chapter! Yay!

Photography meme!

[ profile] black_dress_lex Go sign up, people!

Who would you cast as an adult Pansy Parkinson? I'm thinking maybe Christina Ricci, but I'm not sure. And what about Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn? Someone blonde and fun. *wonders*

I was thinking about AUs last night, and why, for me, they only worked in certain fandoms. And by certain fandoms, I really mean fandom; SGA. I can't put my finger on why I love McShep AUs so much. I've never been a big fan of AU Clex, for starters. What I mean by AU, right now, is a story in which the characters are in a totally different setting than the one they normally are. For this post, I wouldn't consider [ profile] lanning's Identical Series an AU. [ profile] toomuchplor's Omiai is clearly one, though.

So, yeah. I can count the Clex AUs I loved on one hand. Three comes to mind right now: [ profile] scribblinlenore's You Can Call Me Al, [ profile] fromward's hospital one and, of course, [ profile] toomuchplor's Omiai. There might be more but they're the ones that come to mind at this moment. Only three. When I think about SGA AUs I like I can think of...well a lot more. A Farm In Iowa, A Supermarket in California, Bell Curve, Ring Out Wild Bells, Small Primes and Square Roots, John as a dance teacher, Rodney as a pianist, Rodney as a chef, John as a hooker in vegas...

And now I realize that the reason I like Clex, is not only for the characters, but also for what they are. Wow, that doesn't make sense. What I mean is, I like their history, I like that they're both a little screwed up. I like Clark's powers and his worries about his future, and Lex' wealth and sophistication. I love their universe as it is. I love future fics. Future Clex is my favourite kind of Clex. Stayed friends, stayed lovers, were friends became lovers, were ennemies became friends, were ennemies became this point, variety is good. But what they all have in common is they grew up, they met, they were friends. After that point, write anything and I'm with you. They have a story together, and I rarely like when people mess with it too much. That's why AUs don't usually appeal to me.

When it comes to John and Rodney, I'm more in love with the characters then the setting. Oh, I love Atlantis and the fairytale like beginning of the show, but transform the city into a hairsalon, a restaurant, a record company or anything and I won't even whine a little. They don't have the epic storyline that Clark and Lex have, so it's easier, to me anyway, to believe and enjoy any settings authors put them in. As long as they're John and Rodney, I'm there.

Er, I didn't mean for this to be longer than a paragraph...go see some funny AU Clex doodles now.
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You know those posts where people post lyrics and you have to guess which songs it's from? I love them! I thought it'd be fun to do the same with Smallville fanfics.

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I discovered fanfics 4 years ago, when I was 14 years old. Since then, my tastes changed a lot. I started with Daria and Trent/Daria stories. I found most of the fics I read on Outpost Daria. My Favorite authors were Diane Long, Canadibrit, Nemo Blank, Kemical Reaxion, John Berry, Jon Kilner and Matt.

After that, I started reading Hey Arnold! fics. That's when I found and thought it was the best thing ever. I was a Helga/Arnold shipper and my favourite stories were the one in which they saw each other after a long period of time and Helga has become pretty and almost non-violent.

I then moved on to Card Captor Sakura which started a big passion for Japan. I even tried to learn Japanese. I shipped Sakura/Syaoran with a little bit of Tomoyo/ Eriol on the side. Eriol was my favorite character.

While reading CCS fics, I started reading Digimon stories. That's when my love for slash started. My favorite character was Ichijouji Ken and I shipped Daisuke/Ken. I also started reading CCS slash, I shipped Eriol/Syaoran.

In 2001, I found my first real fandom: Harry Potter. I loved the books and it just felt natural to pass to fanfics. I was a Harry/Draco fan. I still am, but I kind of lost interest when I found Smallville which is now my primary fandom. I'm a Lex/Clark shipper and I love my boys.

I also got a couple 'ships on the side. I like Ryan/Seth (The O.C.), Bobby/St Jon (X-men movies), Rogue/Logan (X-men movies), Xander/Spike (BtVS) and a couple others I can't think about right now.

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