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I stumbled accross [ profile] noway_icons's picspam of BSG/SPN actors and was reminded of the SV/SPN one that I had started a few weeks ago. I finished it this afternoon and remembered how much I like recognizing non-famous actors. I'm planning on continuing the SGA/SV one, I just don't know when. I might make it my Summer project...or not.

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I wanted to know how many extras had been on both SGA and Smallville, and I now have my answer. There are thirty-two people under the cut, and only one is missing. (I tried, but I couldn't find Mark Gibbon in either SGA or SV. If you think you can spot him, tell me so I can add it to the list.)

Smallville & SGA: Just A Big Family )

This post was brought to you by Thought Crimes and my own version of '6 degrees of separation' who kept me awake until three in the morning. I did it, though. I went from Smallville to Animorph, to LoTR to Smallville again. Yay!

[ETA] And because I'm proud of it, (yeah I know I'm lame), here's the chain:
KK (was in SV with) Chris Carmack (was in The O.C. with) Navi Rawat (was in Thought Crimes with) Guy who played Tobias (was in Animorph with) Shawn Ashmore (was in Xmen with) Anna Paquin (was in Buffalo Soldier with) Joaquin Phoenix (was in The Village with) Michael Pitt (was in Bully with) Nick Stahl (was in Sin City with) Elijah Wood (was in LotR with) Dom Monaghan (was on Lost with) Ian Somerhalder (was in Smallville with) KK! Woot! Full circle!

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