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I had the weirdest dream ever. I was dating Satan! He loved me and I liked him, but I just couldn't live in Hell anymore because it was creepy and he didn't want to live on the surface because it was creepy and so we parted ways and it was all bittersweet and stuff. Also, Sharon Ozbourne was there to try and convince me to stay with Satan because he was such a lovely guy and I may or may not have accidentaly killed an angel in the giant lift that links Heaven and Hell.

I am so freaking glad I don't believe in the meaning of dreams because I don't want to know what this one says about me.

In my head

Apr. 17th, 2010 09:32 am
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I had a dream that I found out Series Plus was showing a European th series that combined House MD and Fringe. They'd chosen actors that looked like the ones playing in the original shows and apparently it was fantastic because that is all I could talk about with my sisters. They even had a doctor character that looked and sounded like Stephen Fry!

I'm back!

Oct. 7th, 2009 06:28 pm
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I've had the internet back for a week already, but I've been busy. There are so many things I want to talk about but I have to go upstairs to 1) eat dinner and 2) make a ganache to put on the (hopefully) delicious cake I just baked, so I'll just say this for now:

1. I <3 Merlin so very much.

2. I want to buy a eReader so much, but I have trouble with the idea of spending 400$ on something that will basically be only used to read fanfics. Still...*wants*

3. I had a weird dream in which Ted (from HIMYM) had to kiss someone for some unknown reason. He tried kissing Barney who ducked at the last moment. Barney whined about why it had to be him and not Marshall. Marshall said it was because he'd had to tell Lilly. Barney said it was a good point. The three of them started arguing the kissing and I woke up to my dad and uncle arguing in the room above my bedroom. It was weird.

4. Meme time!

Ask me a fandom, and I will tell you:

+ Runner-up
+ Honorable mention(s)
+ Crack pairing(s)
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.
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After seeing the reactions to TSCC season finale all over my flist, I decided to start watching the show again. I had dropped it after the third episode of season one, mostly because I already had a lot of tv to watch. I am now beginning season two and am loving it again. Summer Glau is awesome.

I am so excited about all the new tv shows that started recently. Most of them look like they're going to be great. I especially like Better Off Ted and The Unusuals. The first is hilarious and the second has great potential. Also, I don't remember ever falling in lust with someone so quickly. Jeremy Renner went from 'uh, kinda looks like Ben McKenzie' to 'guh, how can he be so sexy' in less than half an hour.

I've been having trouble sleeping for a week, now, and it has brought me the crackiest dreams ever. We're talking shooting rainbows of one's hands to defend gay people crack. Also, being part of a Disney mailing list and being banished after Kevin Bacon sent an email saying I was a fraud and didn't even like cute things. Damn you Kevin Bacon!

I remember when I first found Livejournal and free accounts were only available with an invite code. I wanted one so badly, but I wasn't in fandom yet and didn't know anyone who could give me one. However, now I have an awesome flist so I shall take a chance and ask: if you have a spare Dreamwidth invite, could you please send it my way? *bat lashes*
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- Thank you kind person who said nice things about me in Madelyn's Valentine's day game. *hugs*

- Still no trace of that giant sock attraction. :/

- JIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! I dreamed that he was shot in front of my house. I was sad because he was dead, but then he wasn't. Because he a was a ninja. But my dad and uncles had already gone, in their black van, to fight the Mafia and avenge Jin's death. And I was scared for them. But Jin saved them, so it was alright.

- I am so excited! A friend and I are planning a roadtrip accross Canada! The original plan was to go to Victoria, take the ferry to Seattle and follow the border up to Ontario. However, I talked to my mom, who is a trucker, and it seems there could be time to go further south. Like Texas south. I have a feeling the whole idea will die at the planning stage, but if we do do it, it would be amazing. The idea both excited and terrifies me. *flails* Also, tips and suggestions are more than welcome.

- I'm all caught up on Life and I can't understand why I ever stopped watching it. I love it show so much. Also, it has great music. Here are two songs I discovered thanks to the show:

I Shall Be Free -- Kid Beyond
My Little Toy Gun -- HoneyHoney

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When I was in elementary school, I had a crush on this boy Y. He was the best friend of the most popular boy in my class, M. While my friends talked about how cute M was, I only had eyes for Y. That's why the fact that I only dreamed about M pissed me off so much. Ugh. I would dream about M being nice to me and us going out together and wake up thinking "WTF!?!".

This anecdote was brought to you by the fact that while I prefer Merlin to Arthur, everything reminds me of Bradley James! That hot blond hockey player at work or that other guy with the crooked teeth and that other guy with the thing and, well, you see my point.

While on the subject of dreams, my latest started with me working for Torchwood with Jack and being transformed into a zombie, eating at the diner in the Twilight movie with Les BB, finally ended with WWIII in my town, complete with nuclear explosions. (Fun fact: we have new pens at work. They're from the nearest nuclear plant. I almost choked when I noticed them tonight.)
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- I dreamed about Barak Obama two days in a row. I keep dreaming about him being incompetent. It worries me.

- Arrived at work this morning to find this message on the dry erase board: "We invite you to come to wear a costume to work on Friday.". Next to it, in red caps: "OBLIGATORY!". Yeah...thanks for the invitation.

- Unfortunately, I am working this Friday, which means I have to find a costume. I was going to go as Hortense Caine, girl!Horatio Caine from an alternate universe, but I didn't get the chance to go to Value Village to buy what I needed. I don't know what to dress up as! I'm this close to just draw a black X on my hand and say I've been confirmed as a human by a Judoon.

- Today, I made more than 150 donuts. I know this because I had two orders, for seven and five, dozens. That's a lot of donuts.

- I can't decide between spending Friday night eating candy and watching Halloween themed movies, or eating candies and watching Christmas themed movies. Decisions, decisions...
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How to ruin a dream in which you are travelling with both the nineth and tenth versions of the Doctor and some kind of Rose/Donna hybrid: make the dream about a race of alien who wants to invade the Earth but get very sick and start vomiting whenever it finds itself between four walls. Also, they are all emotionally connected. Ugh.
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Annoyed guy: Why does everyone shout when they are talking about penises on the phone?
Exasperated girl: Oh my god, why are we even talking about penises.

And in the background, there was a bunch of people in suits talking on their cellphones and shouting 'penis' at various times during their conversation.

(Lol, John is as weirded out as I am.)
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I seriously don't know how my brain comes up with these cracky plot...

Last night I dreamed that I was part of some some special people that were hunted down by humans. We had coexisted peacefully for a while, but then the humans found out we weren't like them and got scared. So we (the special people) ran back to our world (which looked a lot like a kid's version of heaven, you know, the Carebear cloud-made one.) I was walking around, bored out of my mind, when some girl grabbed my hand and led me through a door. The Doctor (Ten) was there and said, while looking sheepish, "I know we aren't supposed to continue our work, but I still think they need our help." Then he put some fondue meat in a freezer. That's when I realized what we were. Freezer elves.

Freezer. Elves.

Ever looked into your freezer and found something you didn't remember you had bought? That's because you didn't. WE put it there. 'Cause we're freezer elf, that's what we do. *dies*

Later in my dream, John Sheppard (also an elf) got married to some girl and the military commander (of the freezer elves), who looked a lot like General Hammond, told him that now that he was married, he had to join the army and go to war against the humans. John refused and left FreezerElf world, along with Rodney and me. The rest of the dream was spent on the run and ended when a friend of my sister recognized Rodney on the news and threw a hamburger bun at my head.
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You do not know the true meaning of 'WTF' until you have a dream in which Marilyn Manson is correcting your homeworks.

Work is going well, I have my last day of training tomorrow, and then I'm off until wednesday. Also, wednesday, I start working at 6 in the freaking morning. SIX A.M.!!!!! D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:
But it's only a four hour shift, so my day is over at ten. Still, I have to wake up at four in the morning! No one should have to wake up at four in the morning, unless they have a plane to take to go somewhere awesome. The workplace is not an awesome place. And I have to walk there, so no plane. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me feel tired.

I'm not saying where I work, yet, all I'm telling is that I have never felt this Canadian in my life. And no, I am not a mountie. :P
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The letter meme! [ profile] nelliewu gave me B and P, but I switched them since I had already did the favourite thing meme with P.

Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favorite songs that begin with that letter

Free music )

Comment and I'll give you a letter.
- You have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter.
- Afterwards, post this in your journal.

Includes Bobby and Bacon )

I had a very good dream this week. It started with being chased by Vincent (of Eureka) in a supermarket, being saved by Wash (or Alan Tudyk, it wasn't very clear), driving around for a while with him, and ended in a small mexican restaurant owned by Elizabeth Weir and being served by waiter!John. Very nice.

I posted Smallville icons here.
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I don't know what I put in my brownies, but I've been having cracktastic dreams ever since I started eating them.

The first had the Earth being invaded by aliens that could turn invinsible. When we could see them, they looked like this. Yep, I have dreams about the Earth being invaded by invinsible yellow monkey bars aliens. It ended with them evolving and being able to possess and clone people. Oh, and a bamboo stick fight in a supermarket.

The other one started with a fangirls tea party. Nice dream, eh? Well, it would have been more pleasant if it hadn't been followed by killer aquatic plants, a werewolf, zombie-making pollen, Spike biting my sister and transforming her into a cat, transforming me into a mouse and, for the big finale, (still as a mouse)having to swim in a flooded basement, catching giant red blood cells and needing kryptonite to built some kind of mouse weapon against the world.

I couldn't make these things up if I tried.
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Today was a strange day. Well, the day itself wasn't strange, the things I saw where.

It started with dreams. Dreams about tearing down the fridge because I couldn't find the ketchup. (A nightmare, really.) Then there was an asteroid coliding with Earth, no electricity, me hitting my uncle with a camera and lots of rain. In the middle of all that, a fangirls meeting, [ profile] digitalwave saying how sorry she was for having accidently selling our right to make fanarts to the Greeks, and a group hug.

Then I stumbled accross South Park slash on Deviant Art. O.O I know there are disturbing things for every shows/books/movies out there, but it still manages to surprise me when I find them. I guess that's a good thing.

I also saw more of Daniel Radcliffe than I ever wanted to see. I'm hoping this experience will teach not to click on links with warnings, but I'm pretty sure it won't.

In non-strange news, I got a valentine's gift from my dad. Baking sheets, muffin pans and other baking stuff. Yay!

I also posted a new SPN wallpaper on [ profile] painted_bottles.


Feb. 9th, 2007 10:20 am
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I had a dream... )

Gah! First day at work today. *freaks out*

Happy birthday [ profile] sarahjane12! May your day be as awesome as you. ;D

I watched the three Indiana Jones movies for the first time, yesterday. I think I have a new crush. I don't know if it's truly for Indy, or if it's because I kept comparing him to John Sheppard. Seriously, Flanigan must have watched these a lot, 'cause the resemblance between the two characters are sometimes scary. *draw little hearts around Jones' name*

Still freaking out about the job.

Two conversations I had with my dad.

Dad: Right now, I'm sure you're thinking "says somthing I can't remember"
Me: *is exactly thinking what dad said* *clutches head* OMG! You're in my head.
Dad: Yep, and it's a scary place.

Me: *in pajamas covered with dog's hair*
Dad: Look at you! All that hair, it's horrifying.
Me: It's not that bad.
Dad: Not that bad? You look like a werewolfe with its hair sticking out of its clothes.
Me: *dies*

I went to a job "meeting" before Christmas, and they said to not bring anything valuable, because the store isn't responsible if you loose it, or if someone steels it, so I don't want to bring my purse. Since my only pair of black pants doesn't have pockets, I'll be walking around all day with 40 bucks and a grocery list in my bra. And you know what? I think that's what will get me through the day, because I think it's hillarious and I giggle everytime I think about it. I have a grocery list in my bra! LOL! Next thing I know, I'll be like "Where are my keys?" *touches boobs* Random person: ZOMG!

ETA: If I had bigger boobs, I'd try to hide my iPod too. XD


Dec. 5th, 2006 03:54 pm
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I fell down the stairs yesterday, and I hurt everywhere. Yay! Ice! *weakly waves winter flag* I also have a large bruise on my butt, but contrary to the rest of my body, it hurt less today than yesterday. I can actually sit without wincing.

I had a weird dream last night. There was a strange man sitting on a chair and some people and I were observing him from far away. At one point, I told a girl that I had a weird feeling about the man, something wasn't right with him. The girl turned to the others and said: "Alright people, Joanie thinks the man is a sockpuppet. What is our plan of action?" I just looked at her and went: "Er, I meant his eyes are glowing red and I think he's evil." Yeah... >_>;

Take a look at this picture and tell me I'm not crazy. The bottom guy? Totally looks like Ben McKenzie.
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But first, a rec. Absolutely Cuckoo by [ profile] zoetrope. It's 46 seconds of awesomeness, people. Click and watch.

As for the crazy dream, it started with me walking in a park. A man was walking toward me and I felt threatened so I shot him repeatedly until he finally fell on the ground. Then I realized it was Jesus. I spent a good portion of my dream walking around, crying and feeling guilty. Then, during the funeral, I went to the park again and Jesus appeared and made a speach about how I shouldn't have worried, people kill him all the time. Then he put an arm around my shoulder and lead me toward the funeral so that we could tell everyone that he was back. The last thing I remember thinking before I woke up was that finally, I believed.

*pokes brain* You're so weird.
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I had a weird dream last night. It started in a dimly lit bathroom. Logan was in a bath and two soldiers were guarding him. Logan was taunting them, splashing them and smirking. One of the guard pulled out his gun, but the other stopped him. Logan said "Yeah, that's what I thougt. You won't kill me." The other guard smirkes, pulled out his gun and fired on the ceramic wall. Logan started yelling and bitching about his hearing. [Change of scene] I'm walking in a dark green hallway, I open a door and I'm in the previous bathroom. The bath is empty. I close the door and Logan was behind it. He asks me if I brought his toothbrush. [change of scene] There's a screen with a map of the world on it. I'm srolling around, with the mouse, and try to find a good place to hide Logan. For some reason, the US Government is after him. [change of scene] I'm on a hill looking down at a road and some railways. I may or may not be Pyro and I'm following a guy who is a cross between Rodney McKay and Dr. Emmet Brown. He's holding a scanner thing from SGA and leading me through the railways. I'm trying not to get hit by a train. [change of scene]We're in front of the White House. I'm with my friend R and some other guy (might be Clark). R used to live in the White House and she received a mysterious letter no one wants her to see, that's what we're after. I get separated from the group and end up crwling over a frozen pool. For some reason, the backyard of the White House looks a lot like the backyard of my last appartment. I run to the appartment behind it and see people inside starting to get agitated. I'm afraid they know I'm here, so I try to be as invisible as possible. When I reach the street, people are running outside their homes. What was supposed to be firefighters on strike becomes an invasion of evil Russian firefighters. R comes back and show me the letter she got. It's junk mail, some kind of contest with McCain juice. [change of scene] Same setting. Clark and Chloe are running around, and dive in an alley. They land in a pile of garbage and the evil Russian firefighters are shooting at them. Clark seems to be using Chloe as a shield. I sigh at his stupidity. Finally, he hides Chloe under some bushes at the end of the alley and goes after the bad guys. When he comes back, Chloe isn't there, but she left a not saying she had something to do. [change of scene] Brightly lit appartment. People are wearing black robes, they're in a hurry. Chloe is in the kitchen, looking for her graduation hat. She has bleached blond hair. She's also narrating:"And that's how we defeated ???. My dad and I were finally free." cue Gabe going to her and kissing her on the cheek. Chloe finds her hat, it's some kind of very weird straw thing. Someone knocks on the door, the door opens to reveal Pete, wearing his graduation robe. Chloe smiles and hugs him. Pete acts very "I'm the token black guy of this sitcom". [change of scene] I'm watching the previous scene on a TV screen. Me: "Ugh. Last episode of Smallville ever, and they couldn't even bring back Sam Jones to play Pete? What the hell?"
The End

Heyyy, it's someone's birthday today. Happy birthday [ profile] rose_etta! I hope your day is filled with joy and porny things. ;)
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1- I had a SG dream last night. Notice the lack of A? Yeah. In the dream I was trying to reassure O'Neil's daughter that her father was fine, he only needed a band aid. And then I went on about how it was funny because we didn't have any on the base because people usually just got eaten or squished under big rocks. Even in my dreams, I have gift with people. *g*

2- [ profile] essawkward has a poll about kissing in her lj. Picture you favourite OTP and go answer those questions. :D

3- I did it. I signed up for a third challenge. *facepalm* I'm not panicking, yet, which is a good thing. I guess. I'm having trouble with my Kinks & Clich├ęs entry, though. And by trouble, I mean that it is still nonexistant. :/

I want to do something VM with an oral fixation theme. The problem is, I don't know which pairing I should choose. At first, it was going to be a crossover with Veronica and Chloe, but then I decided that I wanted to do something strictly VM, and ever time I think I have found the perfect pairing, three other ones start jumping in my head. THERE ARE TOO MUCH POSSIBLE PAIRING!!!!!!


What would YOU like to see?


Feb. 17th, 2006 06:52 am
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I dreamed that I wanted to kill Lex.

I was watching Smallville and there was a scene in which Lex and Chloe were looking at a bunch of stuff representing all Chloe's past relationships and she was wondering why they didn't work out.

I was sitting on a couch watching this and thought: I swear to god, if Lex talks about Lana I'll strangle him.

Well, the first word he said was Lana.

Again, UGH.

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