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Neptune (or OMG Weevil XD)
Really cool wallpapers

*giggles* It looks so innocent, doesn't it? Who would guess that it's actually a vibrator, with a detachable cock ring? meme:
(Go to, type in your birthdate but not the year and then in your livejournal put in 3 cool events, 2 births, 2 deaths...)


1. 1842 - Anesthesia is used for the first time in an operation by Dr. Crawford Long.
2. 1858 - Hymen Lipman patents a pencil with an attached eraser. (Aw.)
3. # 1954 - The first subway in Canada opens after five years of construction, in Toronto.
(And in 1986, the year I was born, it was Easter!)

1. 1853 - Vincent van Gogh, Dutch painter (d. 1890) (Yay!)
2. 1962 - MC Hammer, American rapper (lol!)
(and it's not on wiki, but Jason Dohring was born on March 30th too!)

1. 1783 - William Hunter, Scottish anatomist (b. 1718)
2. 2002 - Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Mother of the United Kingdom (b. 1900)

And, finally, pictures of the dogs who share my life.
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Doorbell: *rings*
Dogs: *bark*
Joanie: [thinking]Hmmm, is there someone upstairs?[/thinking]
Audrey (14 y-o sis): *is playing PS2 downstairs*
Dad: *is talking to Audrey*
Step-mom: *is in the shower*
Dogs: *still barking*
Joanie: *siighs and go upstairs*
Dogs: *follow Joanie*
Joanie: *opens door* Hi!
Girl: Hi! Give me money! I deliver your newspaper everyday.
Joanie: Um...
Funky: *leaves the house*
Joanie: Funky! No. No, Funky. Come back inside.
Funky: *ignores Joanie*
Maggy: *follows Funky*
Joanie: *rolls eyes* Come here Maggy.
Joanie: *sees Lena trying to go outside*
Joanie: Leeeeeeena. No.
Lena: *goes back inside*
Joanie: [thinking]Haha! My dog actually listen to me.[/thinking]
Joanie: *yelling* Daaaaaaad! Someone's here for money!
Audrey: *comes upstairs and see the papergirl*
Audrey: *does the bitchy walk* (you know, the 'Oh. It's YOU. You are so not worth my attention' walk.)
Joanie: *rolls eyes* Daaaad! There's someone here!
Funky: *barks on the lawn*
Maggy: *is still on the balcony wondering what all the noise is about*
Lena: *is observing from the kitchen*
Joanie: *steps barenaked on the snow covered balcony to get Maggy*
Joanie: *sees Benjamin trying to leave the house*
Joanie: Oh, no you won't. *push the dog inside*
Dad: *is finally at the door*
Joanie: *goes back downstairs and put more music on her Ipod*

Did I mention I accidently erased 600 songs from my iPod, yesterday?


Oct. 22nd, 2005 12:17 pm
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1- I think I'm all caught up with my flist. *happy sigh*
2- I can't wait to see Aqua, most of you guys seem to have liked it.
3- I finished the first season of VM! Yay! It was soooooooooo good.
4- I dyed my hair. O.O
5- If you want a christmas card from me, you can either leave your address to the post I made a couple of days ago (am too lazy to link), or send an email to mademoiselleslasher[at]
6- I'm affraid of missing card posts, so if you made one that I haven't answered and you want to send me a card, leave a comment to this post.
7- Random Picspam )

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