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Here are my answers from a year-old meme (seriously).

If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with a snippet of that unwritten story and a cover.

No snippets this time, but I think the covers to speak for themselves. Well, the first two does, anyway.

[ profile] bathsweaver gave me When Botanists Attack )

[ profile] vibrantharmony gave me Pull The Other One )

[ profile] aelora gave me All These Things That I Have Done )

Even though it always takes me months to answer it, I love this meme! So if you want to play (or just make me happy), leave a title in the comments and I'll make you a cover (no promise on the snippets).
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This all started when I was reading Pru's blog and learned that the actor who plays Ryan in HSM also played young Lex Luthor in Reunion. Because my brain likes to make up cracky scenarios based on weird logic, it immediately send ideas of young Lex being fabulous and making fabulous dance choreography at Excelsior. Fortunately, I'm not a writer, so I did not start writing some cracky AU in which a ridiculously flashy high school Lex has to repress his fabulous choreographer side because of his father, become the Lex we see in season one, and then rediscover his true self with the help of a repressed alien farmboy. The insanity stopped there.

But, because there's always a but, [ profile] herohunter unknowingly gave the kiss of life to this idiotic idea when she pimped the CLEX HAIR MANIP CHALLENGE!. As soon as read about it, images of pink hats and blond hair started bouncing in my head. And that, my friend, is why I blame other people for what you are about to see.

Krypton:The Musical (or OMG I hate Zack Efron's hair so much I could scream) )
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Saw a picture, had to do something with it, end of story. ^_^

The picture I used is from an unaired episode, but I wouldn't consider it spoilery. Unless you don't like being spoiled for...change of clothes?

[Hurley loves you]
link to lj scrapbook()
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again, with my favourite tv girls )

May this year bring at least one Chloe/Veronica fic.
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Sullivan-Mars )

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