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I'm sleepy, so today's pretty lady won't have a long picspam. In fact, she'll only get one picture to convince you of her beauty. Today's pretty lady is...
Azura Sky )

Old fandomers, you have to read this. I ♥ fandom.
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I know! It's such a commun choice, but she had to be here. Today's pretty lady is...

Angelina Jolie )
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She was on Rave Macbeth with MR, and played Carrie Castle in Smallville. She was in Easy with Naveen Andrews and played Hurley's crush on Lost. She was on Wet Hot American Summer with Janeane Garofalo. She got between Seth and Summer, she played John Cusak's girlfriend, she got seduced by Lestat and was THE girl in the Mighty Ducks' team. Today's pretty lady is...

Marguerite Moreau )
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Because I love her smile, today's pretty lady is...
Katie Holmes )

I also want to wish a very happy birthday to [ profile] shattered, Happy birthday dear!
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Because she reminds me of a past rl crush, Audrey Tautou is today's pretty lady. Again, lips and eyes, people. Lips and eyes.

Audrey Tautou: sexy in an innocent way )
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Warning: Clicking on the following cut could make you drool. Also, not totally work safe.

Rachel Weisz: It's all about the lips and eyes. )
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And today's pretty lady is... Janeane Garofalo! I first saw her in 'The Truth About Cats and Dogs' and then later in 'Bye Bye Love' (I <3 her character in that movie) and 'Mystery Men'. I don't really know why I like her so much, but I know why I think she's pretty. Dark hair, gorgeous smile, glasses...*sighs dreamily*

Janeane )
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Zen, I am zen like very zen thing. Hot shower helped. Dane Cook did too.

A pretty lady every day 'til Valentine's Day. Yay!

Tonight's lucky lady is...*drumroll*... Christina Ricci!

I know some people think she's scary, but I think she's lovely. And I've been thinking that ever since I watched Casper. Aw, my first girl!crush. :)

Christina Ricci )

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