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Everytime (and I do mean everytime) I try to plug my cellphone in the dark (because the charger is right next to my bed and I only think about charging my phone once I am in bed and the lights are turned off), I think about Sherlock and how wrong he'd be if he tried to deduce my life by looking at my phone.

Also, I have been reading a lot of H50 fics lately and I am at that stage where I think about the characters almost constantly and the crackiest AUs in which I'd like to see them. Combine this with the fact that I seem to have begun a new kdrama cycle and you might just start to understand how I started thinking that a Gokusen (yes I know it's japanese) AU would be the best thing ever.

Think about it: Steve is the grandson of the head of the yakuza (or whatever other crime organization there is in Hawaii) and he's an awesome warrior/ninja but all he wants is to be a math teacher. A math teacher who sometimes fight crime. Of course, he ends up being Grace's teacher and meets Danny. It would be fantastic.

Also, I kinda want and AU in which Steve and Kono are stuntmen. I still haven't figured out what Danny does in this universe, perhaps he's working for HPD and is Chin's partner? I don't know!

You know what the worst part is? I don't even like H50 AUs. What is wrong with me?


Nov. 19th, 2011 02:23 pm
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I have a question for the fic writers on my flist. When people rec your fics, do you prefer that they link to your story on lj or AO3?

I am doing a bit of cleaning on pinboard and I was thinking of changing the lj links to AO3 links when possible, that's why I ask.
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My roommates and I are planning a short trip (2 days) to Ottawa to visit the Canadian Museum of Nature next weekend. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of fun and interesting places that we could see\visit in the area.
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...of posting once a month. I think I've updated my journal less than 10 times this year. I still read my flist every day, I'm just in extreme lurker mode. I just thought I'd give a sign that I am not dead and update you on my life.

In list form, as always:

1. I have a shiny new laptop (named Mycroft) and a cool new phone (a Blackberry curve named Sherlock).

2. I went from living alone in a house with my dog to living in an apartment with 2 other people and 3 cats. In Quebec city. I had to leave my dog in Trois-Rivieres but my sister is taking care of her until I come back in 3 years when I finish...

3. University! I am starting in 5 days and I am super nervous. :| I will be studying translation at Université Laval. I'm proud to have made it this far, but I am also afraid that all the changes (new house, new city, new school, new life) will be too much for my social anxiety. Fortunately, one of my roomate is also my best friend so I am not totally alone here.

In other news, I am ready for the new tv season to start!
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How I am feeling right now: Too little sleep, not enough coffee, too much knowledge about placenta smoothies.

I did not need to know that last thing existed. I spent half an hour reading about it. There were pictures. I am officially grossed out. O_o

It did gave me an idea though. In Game of Thrones, Daenerys has to eat the heart of a horse to become Kalheesi, right? What if dads had to eat the placenta to prove that they were fit to be fathers?

I mean, I don't actually want it to happen, I just think it is an interesting concept.
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Warning: this story contains bad grammar, probably a lot of typos and also the f-word.

So, my sister is telling me and mom a story about trying to turn down some guy at a bar she went to with her roommate. My mom jokingly says that she should have told him she was with her girlfriend. Then she turns serious and says that it might not have worked because "a lot of young people are bi now" and I'm like "...what?". So then I explain to her that being bisexual doesn't mean that you're in an open relationship, it just means that you are attracted to people of both sexes. Once that is cleared up, my sister says that she did use that excuse once and the guy replied "yeah? well prove it and kiss each other".

And I'm just sitting there going WTF!?! There are so many things wrong with this situation! Why should you have to prove to some stranger, or anyone, that you are homosexual! If you'd said you were there with your boyfriend, would he have asked you to prove it? With a kiss? WTF!

So yeah, I'm basically going 'what the fuck is wrong with the world!' and being all indignant on her behalf and she just shrugs and says "eh, we did it" and I facepalmed.


May. 20th, 2011 05:37 pm
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Is anyone on the flist still into Smallville enough to want posters? I have a bunch of posters that nostalgia prevents me from throwing away, giving them away would be less painful.

They all come from magazines, mostly Arthélius and One so they are printed on relatively good quality paper, and are all in good conditions.

Free posters anyone? I can take pictures if you want to see them.
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Bad news first:

- I have a cold.
- I just learned that I have to wear glasses.
- My nineteen year old pregnant sister just got dumped by her asshole boyfriend.

In better news:

- I'll be sending the Star Trek TOS postcards on Monday, leave your address on this post if you want one.
- Shows that I have been enjoying recently: Raising Hope (hilarious!), Breakout Kings (entertaining, still trying to figure out why I find Jimmi Simpson ridiculously hot) and The Killing (really loved the first 2 episodes, wondering if I should watch the original or not)
- Um, I thought I had more things to say, but apparently not, so....have a nice evening everyone!
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All I know about LeVar Burton I learned from various references on tv/internet and his appearances on Community and The Big Bang Theory. All I know = not much at all.

Despite that fact, last night I dreamed that he was teaching a class on Psych (the tv show) at my school.
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Last night I dreamed that I was watching the american version of Harry Potter. It was pretty much the same as the original except that Daniel Radcliffe had short blond hair with lighter highlights. My dream self kept comparing him to a young Brad Pitt.
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One of my class is based on the analysis of a book and I got Sense and Sensibility which I had never read before. I finished the book today and since one of the things we have to do is compare the book to its movie version, I downloaded both the 1995 movie and the 2008 BBC mini series. I watched the latter today and am now in the mood for more period drama mini series. Any suggestions?
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I just finished watching The King's Speech and I (unsurprisingly) loved it! I did not expect to find it this stressful though, some scenes had me biting my nails and covering my eyes. DAMN my embarrassment squick! [/John Watson]

I did not realize who was playing Myrtle Logue until she was in a scene with Colin Firth at which point I shouted "OMG it's Elizabeth and Mr Darcy!" at my television. Good times.
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Last night I finally watched all three episodes of BBC Sherlock in one go, something I had been meaning to do for a long time. Today I watched the first and third episodes with commentaries and now I am watching the 2009 movie while reading bbc fics. Clearly, I am in a Sherlock Holmes mood.

I know I am late to the party, but I had no idea Matt Smith had auditioned for the role of Watson. I cannot imagine him in this role, but the thought of him and Benedict Cumberbatch running all over London side by side is not an unpleasant one.
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I watched Megamind last night and I can't get this song out of my head.

ETA: Two days ago, a guy from work told me he'd played Just Dance during the holidays and thought of me. When asked why, he said his song was Walk Like an Egyptian and it sounded like something I would listen to. He then said that everytime he hears Rasputin he thinks about me. I did not know what to say. On one hand, they are both guilty pleasures of mine. On the other hand, I don't remember sharing this information with anyone at work. So now I am wondering if I just forgot that we talked about it or if I give off a vibe of listening to cheesy 70s-80s songs...
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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I know I'm late but I was working on the evenings of the 31-1-2 and I was not in a good mood. But now I am all excited for this brand new year.

Second, I am jealous of people who can make lists of their favourite things. Even more so of the ones who can put them in some kind of order that isn't alphabetical. I rarely make them because I always overthink everything and it takes me forever to complete them. I did manage to make make a few top x lists for the end of 2010, but they are in no particular order.

My Year In Pictures

Favourite movies seen in 2010 )

Favourite new (to me) tv shows of 2010 )

Favourite books of 2010 )

Other things that happened in 2010 )
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This made me smile. :D
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Thank you [ profile] talitha78, [ profile] farferello, [ profile] in_the_bottle and [ profile] nelliewu for the
Christmas cards! And thank you [ profile] duskwillow for the vgift! Hugs to you all. :D

I only have two exams left and one day of work before Christmas! My uncle and cousins from BC are coming for the holidays and I can't wait to see them.

[ETA] Funny story, my uncle coming for the holidays was a big secret that my father managed to keep for months, up until my uncle mentioned it to my grandmother who told it to my sister who told it to my other sister who told it to my mom who told it to me...last week. Yep, the truth came out
one week
before Christmas. My father must have been so disappointed.

And now I am off to watch Trainspotting for one of my exam. I am terribly unmotivated.
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"The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books listed here.
Bold those books you've read in their entirety,
italicize the ones you started but didn't finish or read an excerpt."
Ze list )

13/100, well at least it's more than 6. I wanted to read more this year, and I did! 17 books and only six of them were for school. Next year I will reach my goal of 20. [/motivated]

[less motivated] And now back to studying for my German exam...while watching Dexter.
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[Poll #1656340]

This poll is brought to you by my tasty breakfast.

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