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For my first entry for the 100 things challenge, I shall talk about the cats I have to live with. They are my roommates', J and R. I'm not a big fan of cats, but I have to admit that they are growing on me, and life at the apartment wouldn't be the same without them.

Toko (also: TOC which is French for OCD))

Toko is the oldest and she's J's. She's super nervous and R loves to torture her. Torturing Toko mostly means petting her while preventing her to run away. Toko is sometimes called Cinderella, because she has to live with her mean stepmom and stepsisters.

Bergamote (also: Moumou, Gargamote, Bergamotsky and Vandermot)

R adopted Bergamote two years ago. I was fortunate enough to miss her teenage rebellion which consisted of eating weird stuff (lot of wires, part of a lamp(?), a bag of dry macaroni) and throwing stuff out of the pantry. She did go through a wire-eating phase this year, though. She chewed her way through a pair of my earphones while I was sitting two feet away from her. :/ Her favourite activies are sleeping, eating, meowing to get food and sitting while staring at me in a judgemental way.

Anemone (also: spider-cat and bitchface)

Anemone is also R's and we both arrived at the apartment at the same time. In the morning, she is affectionate and will seek the attention of humans. When she wants my attention, she'll usually walk all over me while I'm checking my emails on the sofa, headbut me on the nose and finally sit on my chest. She loves watching water drops, so as soon as I get out of my room in the morning, I'll hear her get down from wherever she was and sprint to the bathroom so that she can get watch drops of water slide down the shower curtain while I shower. She spends most her day sleeping in R's bed, just so she can gather all the energy she needs to run and jump all over the apartment in the evening.

Raw food diet
(if talks of eating animals offend you, you shouldn't read the next part)

Bergamote has food allergies, so last winter, R decided to try feeding her raw food. We gave them (Bergamote and Anemone) trouts, sardines, catfish, chicken hearts, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, chicken wings, turkey necks, beef, rabbits and raw meat purchased from a pet food store. Explaining this to friends and family was...interesting. People looked at me with this look horror that meant "Dear god, get out of there! She's crazy!". Feeding time was kind of long and annoying, but never boring. One time, Anemone grabbed and entire fish from her bowl and ran around the apartment with it in her mouth. She ended up finishing her dinner on R's bed. That's when we learned to close all the bedroom doors before feeding the cats. My favourite part was cutting up the meat. R is a bit squimish so I was happy to help. I once bought an entire rabbit from my aunt and cracking its spine, combined with the horrified expression on R's face, was a lot of fun. I was letting my inner Dexter out. ;)

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