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An Avalanche of Detour Signs by Gyzym (2012)
In which Molly Hooper gets a job, gets a degree, breaks a heart, has her heart broken, falls in love, keeps a secret, saves a life, runs a morgue, falls apart, pulls it together, and finds exactly what she didn't know she was looking for--not necessarily in that order.
[Molly's story from before the show to after Reichenbach, Molly/Greg]

The Anatomist by rosa_acicularis (2010) ***
James Joseph Moriarty was born in Galway, in 1976. His birth certificate no longer exists.
It would not tell you that five minutes later his mother (Mrs. Elizabeth Anne) gave birth to a daughter, his sister. His twin. The records of her birth burned with his, but if they hadn’t, you would know her name.

Mary Elizabeth Moriarty was born in Galway, in 1976.

They will call her Molly.

(So Maybe We're a Bliss of Another Kind)
by paperclipbitch (2012) ***
“You don’t write love songs,” John says. “You write about other things and people misinterpret them because in the right lighting they look like love songs. But they’re not.”

If Metal Had a Choice by anarmydoctor (2012) ***
The night is as sad as the Hunter, who was commanded to cut out Sherlock's heart and bring it to the press, still beating, red and glorious and simply human. The Hunter is not important yet, but she will be, tomorrow. She will count, tomorrow, when Sherlock needs her to get a deer heart (all hearts are the same) in order to fake his death (all lives end). The Hunter will take that deer heart to the press, so that The Sun doesn’t look for Sherlock on the Earth’s surface the next morning; so that The Mirror can tell Sherlock is dead, and there’s no blazing genius to threat the dull beauty of the masses.
[I was drunk on words when I finished this story, the imagery the author uses is absolutely gorgeous.]

Space by lokiloo (2012)
Sherlock feels the pull at his back, feels the resistance that turns his feet to lead. Every step he takes leads him farther and farther away from London- from all her charms and flaws, all her beauty and horror and utter perfectness. Sherlock finds himself staring to the west, to the east, to the ocean- he looks to where he knows she is, strong and steady and going on without him.

been a long time (since i've seen your face) by ohladybegood (2012)
Stephen is in it for the long con. But it's not the Avengers who are the mark; Stephen himself is.
[Avengers/Brothers Bloom crossover in which Stephen Bloom becomes Bruce Banner]


The Least of All Possible Mistakes by rageprufrok ***
The first time George meets Mycroft Holmes, she tases him.


Mind Palace by HRS1812
[Sherlock, his mind and his deductions]

Three years later by MavreekAngel***
[Reunion vid - The vidder remixed the scene from ASiB where John finds out Irene's still alive and it is very effective.]

On the Dark Side by ThePteryx
[James Moriarty]

The Weight of Us by tomorrowsrain
[I'm not crazy about the colours and brightness of some of the scenes, but this is a lovely vid about Sherlock, his evolution and the choices he has to make]

Dreaming of the battlefield by narc0manic
At first this was meant to be a sort of a trailer for The Reichenbach Fall, then S1 stuff started creeping in, so tried to make it a general trailer for the whole series, then one spoilery clip too many slipped in, so in the end it's more of a fake-trailer-with-spoilers kind of a video.

till the end by narc0manic ***
[I wasn't sure about the song at first but the editing is fantastic and so is this vid.]

Other vids by narc0manic that I enjoyed: The whispers of my ghost [Sherlock/Ghost in the Shell crossover], Fight or Flight [ASiB action vid], You're So New [Sherlock's feelings for John and Moriarty] and Projection [Interesting Inception fusion in which a mysterious projection keeps haunting Sherlock's dream. Read the notes for more info.]">The Weight of Us by tomorrowsrain
[I'm not crazy about the colours and brightness of some of the scenes, but this is a lovely vid about Sherlock, his evolution and the choices he has to make]

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